Insomnium, Red Moon Architect and Awake Again -Turku, Finland February 21, 2020

February 21, 2020, Finnish melodic death metallers Insomnium came to Turku, Finland on their “Heart Like A Grave” tour. Support included melodic doom metal band Red Moon Architect and Awake Again, an Alternative Metal band hailing from Turku.

Awake Again began with a bit of a rocky start, a few technical difficulties and a small crowd but they pulled through. Their wacky energy and ‘no fucks given’ stage presence managed to not only take up the entire stage but also in a way pull the sparse crowd together. They exuded huge festival vibes, and I think their energy would have been way more fitting for that kind of setting. Or maybe a different lineup.


There was a drastic change in mood and atmosphere when Red Moon Architect took the stage after them. While Awake Again had a care free crazy relaxed vibe, looking like they’d just stepped off a sports field rather than about to play a metal gig, Red Moon Architect was straight forward serious, heavy music. Although their music and mood was more chill, and put together, they still had a powerful energy and the crowd was fully engaged. It felt as if they were reigning in the tempo of the evening after Awake Again to harness it for Insomnium to do with as they pleased.

Although Insomnium was the highlight of the evening, and also brought the heavy intensity, they didn’t take the show too seriously, goofing around with each other and engaging casually with the crowd. They played a song which Niilo mentioned they had only played live once so far, which seemed to bring a new energy to the stage. Jani’s addition to the band and the live lineup seemed to bring a needed balance to the energy and sound. His vocals fit right in and even add to the live experience. The whole band exuded a raw but uplifting vibe, Markus and his intense but not-to-serious aire, Niilo with his guttural growls and presence that seems to embrace the entire room while punching it in the gut. It was a shame that the audience attendance was so low, although the crowd was full of energy and thoroughly enjoyed the show, it was a show that seemed as if it should have been sold out.

Insomnium‘s “Heart Like A Grave” world tour continues to North American soon!