Ensiferum @ Lezard’Os Metal Fest, France 24.11.2018

On November 24, 2018, Lezard’Os Metal Fest saw us at the “Fuseaux” (Saint Dizier, France) on the occasion of the 13th Eclectic Rock Festival.

The 400m² hall can accommodate up to 2200 people. That night we were about 300 metalheads.

Among the 6 bands were the French of Meatball Grinder (death metal), Voorhees (oldschool death metal) and Undead (thrash / death metal), the Japanese of Bridear (power metal) and the Spanish of Crisix (thrash metal). I’m no longer presenting Ensiferum who was the only band to represent the North.

A signing session was organized between each concert. We were all very excited to meet the Finns and get their latest album, “Two Paths”, signed.









Ensiferum was the last band to play, around 23h, so I placed myself in  the front of the stage (it’s a strategic place when you don’t exceed 5.2 feet…).

After traveling the world, it will be their last show before starting the acoustic tour on December 4th.

The lights go out, “Ajattomasta Unesta” begins. We’re ready for an hour of show !




No surprise for the setlist. The crowd is ignited by the most popular songs such as “In my Sword I Trust”, “Twilight Tavern” and “Lai Lai Hei”.





After loud calls for an encore, Ensiferum is back for the no-less famous “Iron” and gives us an appointment in 3 weeks not far from here, in Nancy.



1 – Ajattomasta Unesta

2 – For Those About to Fight for Metal

3 – Two Paths

4 – Heathen Horde

5 – Twilight Tavern

6 – Token of Time

7 – From Afar

8 – Way of The Warrior

9 – In My Sword I Trust

10 – Hail to the Victor

11 – Two of Spades

12 – Lai Lai Hei

13 – Iron