Battle Beast @ Metalfest 3/06/2018

Battle Beast – wow, sounds exciting, what’s in these words for you? For me it’s power, energy, never-ending will to go on and awesome live shows! The first time I saw Battle Beast was last summer (2017) at Graspop Metal Meeting and they definitely kicked ass!

I’ve never listened to them much, but heard a couple of songs before so knew what to expect. When the band entered the stage the crowd instantly woke up (they performed around 12pm on the second day of the festival, people were still shaking off the hangovers) and went crazy! The energy was insane, band members were smiling while doing their best and, of course, having fun on stage. It doesn’t happen often to me that I like a band based on the live show not having heard many songs previously. It was different with Battle Beast, I joined the jumping crowd and enjoyed what I heard. Since then, there is no way back when it comes to Battle Beast (and unleashing my inner beast, too 😈 ).

battle beast at graspop 2017

This year I was lucky enough to see Battle Beast at Metalfest in Czech Republic. This is not a big festival but it’s extremely friendly and has that nice and homely atmosphere of a heavy metal party. For Battle Beast Metalfest was the first festival show this summer and definitely a great  season opener!

I was waiting for the band in the bloody hot sun as I knew it would be worth it! I must admit I didn’t stay by the stage until the end of their performance as I desperately needed to get in the shade in order to survive until the end of the day.

As I said, it was super hot (+30 = awesome Czech summer!) but the guys on stage did a fantastic job. The show started with Straight to the Heart which is an energy bomb! The crowd started roaring, jumping, some even headbanging. Overall the setlist wasn’t much different from what I remember from last year’s festival shows. Some well known hits such as Familiar Hell, Black Ninja, King for a Day, Touch in The Night, Bastard Son of Odin were played and crowd received them with excitement

Noora has an unbelievably powerful voice, wow, that woman is a bomb! So much energy and passion, I wish I could find a job that I would love that much! Her makeup and clothing also add a lot to the show. It makes me think of, well, warriors, fighters – never stopping and going on no matter what! As Battle Beast did as a band when the lineup changed. I enjoyed it when band members came closer to the public and, if I remember correctly, even shook hands. It always makes me think that “yeah, they are just normal human beings”.

A surprise for me was to hear a ballad Far From Heart, it was a great break from jumping. In this song Noora shows herself from a completely different side. Her vocals are really versatile, I might have even shed a tear when listening to this song.

Lost in Wars is a nice song which is a bit different from other Battle Beast’s material, I really like it!

The show ended with Beyond the Burning Skies and that’s when the crowd exploded! I definitely wanted more of Battle Beast and less of unbearable heat! I’ll go to see Battle Beast whenever  I have a chance as they are fantastic live. And well, good news, my next time will be in August at Alcatraz festival in Belgium – good times ahead!

Listening to the Battle Beast while sitting on a couch does not give the same feelings as seeing them live. Get out there to see them and you’ll feel recharged and full of energy after the show. I’d definitely recommend, 14/10! Every time Spotify randomly plays a Battle Beast song for me, it, I don’t know, sends shivers down my spine as I remember how cool it sounded in a live setting and I want more, more, more!

The setlist (according to

  1. Straight to the Heart
  2. Bringer of Pain
  3. Familiar Hell
  4. Let It Roar
  5. Black Ninja
  6. Far from Heaven
  7. Lost in Wars
  8. Touch in the Night
  9. Bastard Son of Odin
  10. Out of Control
  11. King for a Day
  12. Beyond the Burning Skies

(all images in this post were taken by me)

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