AVATAR – Luxor, Cologne (GER), March 18, 2018

On a cold Sunday evening Kingstar Music opened the doors of the Luxor in Cologne for a special event. The king of Avatar Country should come to Cologne!

The show in the small venue in the heart of the city was sold out and there was no place left in the audience – already at the beginning.

The first support act of the evening was Old Kerry McKee from Sweden. He is an one man band with an awesome voice.
After him the circus entered the stage. Hellzapoppin from the United States- one of the world’s last authentic circus sideshows with performances using the human anatomy and death defying stunts of mind over matter, yet with no blood and no pain. Really an incredible and weird show.

It went dark when Hellzapoppin finished their show. The changeover took place. It was accompanied by radio announcements, interviews and music, all about the king.

The curtain opened and there he was, on a throne on the center of the stage, the king himself!

The show of Avatar was incredible, not only frontman Johannes Eckerström was a blast, each member of Avatar made this evening special. The mixture of older and new songs was mindblowing. For me it was the first time seeing Avatar live, but it was definitely not the last time.

After I had stowed my photo equipment I fully enjoyed the concert till the end. It was absolutely ingenious how the singer involved and played with the audience.

The live show was one of best I ever have seen. But I hope next time the venue will be a bit bigger and with more opportunities to take pictures of each band member individually and a pit in front of the crowd.


Intro: Glory To Our King
Legend of the King
Let It Burn
Paint Me Red
King’s Harvest
Bloody Angel
For the Swarm
The King Wants You
Puppet Show
The Eagle Has Landed
War Song
Raven Wine
Smells Like a Freakshow
A Statue of the King
The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country
Hail the Apocalypse


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