At The Gates – Gebäude 9, Cologne (GER), March 03, 2018

The organizer Kingstar Music has invited for Cologne, Gebäude 9 and the call has been heard. At The Gates were headliners, as well as it was the kick-off show of their tour. The support bands were Nailed to Obscurity (Ostfriesland, GER) and Ultha (Cologne, GER).

Nailed to Obscurity

The opener was Nailed to Obscurity. Already here the location was well filled and the spectators were well fueled by the five from northern Germany.

Melodic Death Doom Metal made in Germany, hard riffs, melodic parts and guttural vocals made getting into this evening easy.





Ultha, a Black Metal band from Cologne, continued after a short changeover break.
The stage was bathed in red light, covered with fog. Unfortunately, you heard more than you saw. The drummer had an insane endurance, a consistently fast double bass produced a strong propulsion. In my opinion musically good, the vocals unfortunately have been not heard much.




To the sounds of the intro of the last album El Altar Del Dios Desconocido, the five Swedes of At The Gates entered the stage. For the second song, Death and the Labyrinth, there was no stopping the fans. The next song gave the starting signal for disengagement. Slaughter of the Soul should bring the crowd to boil at the beginning. The fans were not disappointed and the party took more and more its course.

All in all, At The Gates were a brute force on stage, captivating fans and not releasing them until the end. The songs reflect the creative period of the band, a very cool mix of old and new songs!





At The Gates rocked the stage and shook the full store. A truly successful tour start!


Intro El Altar Del Dios Desconocido
Death and the Labyrinth
Slaughter of the Soul
At War with Reality
The Swarm
The Circular Ruins
Under a Serpent sun
Raped by the Light of Christ
Heroes and Tombs
Intro Der Widerstand
To Drink from the Night itself
Suicide Nation
The Book of Sand
Intro Blinded by Fear
Kingdom Gone
The Night Eternal

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