Arcturus – San José, Costa Rica (March 4, 2018)

Promoters EM3 Producciones made Arcturus‘ visit to Costa Rica possible on March the 4th, 2018 at Pepper’s Club in San José.

While waiting in the line outside of the venue, the band members looked very tired when they got off the shuttle bus but still they were very nice to some fans wanting to take some pictures.

The band ‘Erth’ was responsible for the show opening at around 20:30, a costa rican experimental band who offered a nice performance.

It was Vortex’s birthday and yes, we sang him happy birthday!


Unfortunately, the crowd was not so big this time. Doing a parenthesis: the metal scene in Costa Rica is not small. Lots of metal bands come to this country along the year and the venues are almost always full. However, it looks like Arcturus was not a band that would fill the whole place…

Arcturus came with their phantasmagoric essence, opening with ‘Evacuation Code Deciphered’. The live sound and their performance was formidable.


Second track on the setlist was ‘Nightmare Heaven’ which was a total blast for both the crowd and the band. Making the man with the boots dance a little.


The band played songs like ‘Crashland’, ‘Alone’, ‘Hibernation Sickness Complete’, ‘The Arcturian Sign’ and Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer’. These were the songs the people enjoyed the most.


The show was magical though I felt like Hellhammer was not in the best mood to play: sometimes it felt like he was following the rhythms only, without filling all the notes, this was clearer on ‘Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer’, specially during the famous drum bridge that we’ve all heard is insane around the minute 2:34. Also, Hellhammer had a moment of frustration (perhaps) at the end of one song passing the middle of their setlist; taking his mask off he went to look for another pair of drumsticks and when he returned, it seems like he had a discussion with both Vortex and Knut.
Anyhow, maybe we’re being just too demanding. Hellhammer is one of the best drummers in the world on this genre.


We really can’t complain. The show was fantastic.

Skoll and Knut even came to the fans at the end of the show to take some pictures and sign some items.



There is no doubt that these guys are full of talent. They could perform a magical show for some lucky costa ricans.

Credits to Ernesto Muñoz Barquero, Andrés Montero and EM3 Producciones for providing most of the photos on this review.


1. Evacuation Code Deciphered
2. Nightmare Heaven
3. Crashland
4. Painting My Horror
5. Alone
6. Hibernation Sickness Complete
7. The Arcturian Sign
8. Du Nordavind
9. The Chaos Path
10. Collapse Generation
11. Game Over
12. Master Of Disguise
13. Fall Of Man
14. Deamonpainter
15. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer

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