Legendary Finnish Band KIUAS Celebrates 20 Years from Founding with Live Release

May 2020 marks 20 years from the founding of KIUAS. To celebrate the band will release a long awaited complete audiovisual experience of their last concert in 2013 at the also legendary and just recently demolished venue Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland. The show and recording consists of a live set of 22 songs from the KIUAS catalog, including some seldom or even never before heard live gems, with nearly three hours worth of music. All the members of all KIUAS line-ups can be seen and heard performing on the stage.

The recording won’t be released commercially, but as a gift to the fans to be streamed freely through the KIUAS YouTube channel one song at a time every couple of weeks. The first of the set, Of Ancient Wounds will be released on the 25th of May – the day of the traditional Finnish pagan “Vakkajuhlat” fest.



“We finally decided to finish this project and in my opinion the great live vibe of KIUAS, the diversity of the material and the uniqueness of the sold out gig comes across successfully through this recording. Now on this unordinary corona-spring it’s nice to put out some live stuff for everyone to enjoy on their couches. Huge thanks to everyone who made this release possible and were part of the great KIUAS saga”, says drummer Markku Näreneva, one of the founding members and main chief in command of this live release.

“With the greatest modesty and humility I’d like to say that we’re talking about probably the most epic rock/metal event right after Väinämöinen (mythological Finnish hero) played his kantele so gracefully that he started to cry being so moved by his own musicianship – as we all know is told in the Kalevala. Similarily in this Nosturi performance can be witnessed a spectrum of intense emotions, (literally) fire and brimstone, and sweaty live playing in all it’s rawness and edge”, says guitarist Mikko Salovaara.

The live audio is mixed and mastered by Mikko Herranen, recorded by Tapio Pennanen and video material is edited by Toni Salminen.

Set list: