KING COMPANY Introduce New Singer With “King For Tonight” Single

Finnish hard rockers KING COMPANY have released a new version of their song “King For Tonight”, the band’s first recording with new vocalist Ilkka Keskitalo.

The band comments:
“We wanted to introduce our new singer, Ilkka Keskitalo, in a proper manner, so we decided to re-record “King For Tonight” from our latest album, Queen Of Hearts. Hope you enjoy the 2019 version of the song featuring Ilkka on vocals!”

Listen to “King For Tonight” here:

The song is also available in all streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, etc.

Keskitalo was announced as KING COMPANY‘S new singer back in November 2018, after the departure of Italian-Argentinian singer Leonard F. Guillan.

“The opportunity to join KING COMPANY came as a total surprise! With Leonard gone, the band aimed to find a lead singer with a certain kind of sound. After Mirka contacted me, it didn’t take long before we were at a studio in Helsinki talking about the same musical vision we all shared.

My history as a singer goes way back and includes several bands with several great musicians. Currently I am a singer and one of the songwriters in LOST KINGDOM. I am very much looking forward touring with KING COMPANY and working with new material in the future.”

King Company - King For Tonight (2019 version)

Original version appears on the 2018 album Queen Of Hearts. Buy or stream here.