INSOMNIUM wants you!

Are you an artist, or want to show off your creativity? Insomnium wants you for the Grand Insomnium Competition!

Using the hashtag #insomniumcompetition on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, post a picture or a fan art of how much the band means to you-the more creative, the better!

First prize includes a trip to meet Insomnium at SF Sound Studio in Lehmo, Finland-winners can bring one friend along for the ride-, includes an exclusive listening of their upcoming album “Heart Like A Grave“, prize also includes travel and accommodations.

Second prize, tickets to the show in the city of your choice for their upcoming European tour in November, remember that if this is the prize you are aiming for, add the city of your choice in the hashtag for your picture.

Competition ends this Friday, July 26, 26/7, good luck!