How well do you know our real names?

Real name vs Stage name

There are more stage names than you can imagine. There are names that seem normal yet they are still stage names. On this trivia we will test your knowledge to recognize some faces in Nordic Metal and above that, what is the real name behind that famous stage name? Let’s get started!

What is my real name?

You know me as Michael Monroe but my real name is

1. Martti Fagerholm
2. Mikko Fagerholm
3. Matti Fagerholm
4. Michael Fagerholm

Everyone knows me as King Diamond but my real name is

1. Kim Bendix Petersen
2. Jim Bendix Petersen
3. Joacim Bendix Petersen
4. King Bendix Petersen

You know me as Ihsahn from Emperor but my real name is

1. Harald Sverre Tveitan
2. Vegard Sverre Tveitan
3. Sven Sverre Tveitan
4. Börje Sverre Tveitan

I am Yngwie Malmsteen, guitar hero but for real I am

1. Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck
2. Lars Johan Yngwie Lannerbäck
3. Lars Johan Yngve Malmsten
4. Eric Johan Yngve Lannerbäck

I am Abbath, king of memes! But my real name is

1. Olve Eikemo
2. Elve Oikemo
3. Olven Eikemo
4. Olve Oikemo

I am Papa Emeritus in many forms but really my name is

1. Tobias Forge
2. Thomas Forge
3. Timothy Forge
4. Todd Forge

You might recognize me as Lord Ahriman from Dark Funeral but actually my name is

1. Mikael Svenberg
2. Mikael Svanberg
3. Michael Svanberg
4. Mikael Svantte

You know me and fear me as Gaahl but in reality I am

1. Kristian Ervind Espedal
2. Kristian Eivind Espeda
3. Christian Eivind Espedal
4. Kristian Eivind Espedal

I am Puijon Perkele from Verjnuarmu but at birth they named me

1. Tuomas Koppanen
2. Tuomas Koponen
3. Tuomo Koponen
4. Tuomas Perkele

I am Mr. Lordi from Lordi but I'll be damned that I am also

1. Tommi Putaansuu
2. Tomi Puutansu
3. Tomi Putaansuu
4. Tuomo Puta

All 10 questions completed!

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What is my real name?

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