How well you recognize people?

We will give you 10 pictures and you guess who they are. Everyone in the pictures are related to Nordic Metal at least on some level.

How good are you with faces?

This person is a vocalist in a Finnish industrial band

1. Delacroix
2. Juha Peltoniemi
3. Patrik Mennander
4. MC Raaka Pee

This person is a longtime member in a swedish melodic death metal band

1. Daniel Erlandsson
2. Nicke Andersson
3. Tomas Haake
4. Mikkey Dee

Regardless of your music taste, you have, at some point heard this man singing.

1. Joacim Cans
2. John Norum
3. Joey Tempest
4. Johan Liiva

Classics such as Abigail, Them and Conspiracy are done by this man

1. Anders Fridén
2. Mikael Stanne
3. Papa Emeritus
4. King Diamond

Songwriter and keyboardist who even had a new insect species named after him

1. Jens Johansson
2. Tuomas Holopainen
3. Henrik Klingenberg
4. Mikko Härkin

This Finnish guitarist has been chosen among the 50 fastest guitarists in the world by Guitar World

1. Timo Tolkki
2. Alexi Laiho
3. Roope Latvala
4. Matias Kupiainen

This swede is truly a multitalent who even owns the village he lives in

1. Oscar Dronjak
2. Peter Tägtgren
3. Mikael Stanne
4. Dan Swanö

This person played in a famous finnish power metal band

1. Jan Jämsen
2. Juha Harju
3. Antti Ikonen
4. Jari Mäenpää

This person growls you all the way to Valhalla

1. Mikael Åkerfeldt
2. Johan Hegg
3. Lars Göran Petrov
4. Ola Lindgren

From Filthy Asses to fame

1. Timo Kotipelto
2. Ville Laihiala
3. Tony Kakko
4. Zachary Hietala

All 10 questions completed!

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How good are you with faces?

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