HAMFERÐ Releases Live Video Of “Stygd”

Faroese doomsters HAMFERÐ have released a live recorded video of “Stygd”, the 2nd track from their new album, “Támsins likam”, released on Metal Blade earlier this year. The song is part of the recorded album release show on March 17th, 2018 at the old Sjonleikarahusið theater in Torshavn, Faroe Islands.

Watch the clip here:

“Támsins likam” was played in its entirety, as well as a selection of older songs, including “Odn” – the band’s very first song, which, although being a live staple, was never released.

Singer Jon Aldara comments: “This concert was a meticulous production in regards to performance, sound and lighting, and we felt it was the perfect opportunity to record it properly. It’s a great feeling to have a live recording of Hamferð that does not come from an iPhone or from a festival production that we had little to no control over. We took everything in our own hands and went the whole nine yards with a brilliant crew, well-considered stage design and all the high-end equipment we could get our hands on. Luckily, I really think it shows!”

HAMFERÐ will play a selection of shows in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in October:

Oct. 2 – Stuttgart, Germany – Club Zentral (w. Egonaut)
Oct. 3 – Leipzig, Germany – Hellraiser (w. Egonaut)
Oct. 4 – Hamburg, Germany – Bambi Galore (w. Egonaut)
Oct. 5 – Paderborn, Germany – Metal Inferno Festival
Oct. 6 – Saint Georges, Belgium – From Dusk til Doom 4
Oct. 7 – Tilburg, Netherlands – Little Devil

Additionally, HAMFERÐ will head out on a tour of Scandinavia in December, notably playing Sweden for the first time in their 10-year long career.

HAMFERÐ tour dates w/ Svartmálm:

Dec. 5 – Kobenhavn, Denmark – Beta 2300
Dec. 6 – Odense, Denmark – Posten
Dec. 7 – Goteborg, Sweden – Sticky Fingers
Dec. 8 – Oslo, Norway – Revolver
Dec. 9 – Trondheim, Norway – Hjorten Scene

To preview and purchase “Támsins likam”, please visit: metalblade.com/hamferd