GLADENFOLD – first track-by-track released

The Finnish Melodic-Death/Power-Metal newcomers GLADENFOLD are going to release their new studio album, “When Gods Descend”,  on May 24th, via REAPER ENTERTAINMENT.

Today, the band presents the first track-by-track video. Check it and find out more about the songs “The Descent Of Gods”, “Brothers” and “Immortalis

Last week, the band released the second single titled ‘The Forsaken’. The song can be heard and watched in the form of a lyric video over on YouTube

The video was filmed by Tomi Uusitupa and edited by Matias Knuuttila

The band states:
”To put it simply, ”The Forsaken” is the song that defines the album. Epic choirs, grand orchestrations, acoustic passages, pounding riffs, fast solos, huge choruses etc. all things we are used to deliver. Yet this time we took it on a whole new level. It is definitely the ”magnum opus” of this album, and we can‘t wait to unleash this beast on stage!”

More about “When Gods Descend”:


The Recordings (Trailer #1)

The Production (Trailer #2)

The Concept (Trailer #3)

Order “When Gods Descend” here:

1          The Descent Of Gods
2          Brothers
3          Immortalis
4          Sanctuary Denied
5          The Forsaken
6          Ghosts Of Our Past
7          Unreligion
8          Shadows And Dust
9          Succubus Kiss
10        Last Goodbyes

On the upcoming album, the band explores new sonic territories with ambitious musical scale and production, while refining their core based on the distinct combination of Melodic-Death and Power-Metal. The album encompasses everything from the softest ballad, through concise and crushing pieces, to longer epics that draw you in for the long haul.

The album was recorded in many places, but mixed and mastered at Noise For Fiction Studios in Lieto (Finland) by producer Joona Lukala. The stunning cover artwork was created by Anders Öström (BLIND STARE).

More Info:
GLADENFOLD is a group of five, out of Turku, Finland, rooted in Melodic Death Metals aggression and energy, borrowing the grandeur of Power Metal and Symphonic Metal. GLADENFOLD creates an inherently Nordic-sounding blend of metal music, basing itself especially within the Finnish metal tradition (inspired by for example NortherChildren of Bodom and Ensiferum), with German Power Metal (such as Blind GuardianGamma Ray and Freedom Call) still heavily influencing the overall sound.
GLADENFOLD serves roaring drums, tight and agile rhythm guitars, soaring guitar and keyboard solos, ferocious growling mixed with multi-layered singing as the foundation, but incorporates skilfully crafted keyboards,elegant classical guitars, the majestic symphonic orchestra and choir for even grander sonic landscapes

Esko Itälä – vocals & acoustic guitars
Matias Knuuttila – guitars
Toke Fønskov Gerdts – guitars
Lauri Itälä – drums
Paavali Pouttu – keyboards