GHOST Tease The Arrival Of A New Papa

Swedish metal band GHOST recently revealed a brand new three-minute teaser in which the arrival of the new Papa, Papa Emeritus IV, is disclosed. The clip, titled ‘Chapter One: New Blood‘, begins with the current elder, Papa Emeritus Zero, being congratulated by Sister Imperator for all his accomplishments during his reign. She also reveals to him that the time has now come for someone younger and with more stamina. The end of the video reveals the silhouette of, presumably, Papa Emeritus IV.

The band posted the teaser earlier today on their Official Facebook page accompanied with the text “We wish to inform you that we have new blood…”. Check out the video in its entirety:

The new Papa, Papa Emeritus IV, is expected to make his live debut on May 5th, 2018 in Riverside, California as the launch of the band’s next North American tour.


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