Finnish Folk metal band VERIKALPA released their anticipated debut album!

Finnish troll/folk metal band Verikalpa released their anticipated debut album ‘Taistelutahto‘ today via Inverse Records.

The band earlier released two singles Pahan Laulu & Tyrmä which both got stunning feedback from both fans and media. Verikalpa also secured a slot from famous Finnish midsummer metal festival Nummirock.

Verikalpa is a Troll/Beer-metal band from the Northern city of Oulu in Finland. They combine groovy riffs and rhythms with twisted folk melodies with a very Finnish touch. The lyrics are in Finnish and more specifically in the accent of Oulu. The songs are tales about drinking, hangovers, trolls and of course bloodspattered eternal battles. Verikalpa is formed by six musicians from bands such as CATAMENIA and QUAKE THE EARTH and this experienced group of musicians deliver their music with a firm touch and with an energetic live show.

The band comments:
THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME! After all the teasing and foreplay Verikalpa takes it’s biggest step ever and presents Taistelutahto to the world! It took a lot of beering, strained neckmuscles and a few square feet of dandruff on the floor of the rehearsaldisco but after all that and the long hours in the studio we have to say it was all worth it! What make it so worth it you ask? 

YOU! The fans and all you who have listened to the songs and headbanged in your bedroom hopefully in your underwear with a cold beer in your hands or in the middle of a sexual act!

A new page in Finnish groovyfolktrollbeermetal has been turned and this is only one of beginning chapters! Please keep streaming/listening the music on the platform of your choosing and let this be the soundtrack to your wildest nights! Cheers and beers to you all from Verikalpa!

Verikalpa - Taistelutahto
Cover art by Marleena Maliniemi.

Taistelutahto track list: 
01. Viimiseen asti
02. Tyrmä
03. Neidonryöstäjä
04. Kuoppajaiset
05. Pahan Laulu
06. Verijuhula
07. Taistelutahto
08. Viinapiru
09. Kuoleman Suo
10. Rautatammi 

Vocals – Jani Ikonen
Bass – Sami Knuutinen
Keys – Jussi Sauvola
Guitars – Jussi Heikkilä
Guitars – Janne Niva
Drums – Aleksi Heiskanen


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