CYHRA Guitarist EUGE VALOVIRTA Joins Forces With SHIRAZ LANE Singer HANNES KETT In New Single “Liquid Lunch”

The second single from guitar hero Euge Valovirta (CYHRA, ex-SHINING, GODSPLAGUE, SUBURBAN TRIBE, DRIVE) upcoming solo album has been released. The album, titled “Easy Does It” , will be released on August 24th.

The vocal duties on the first single “Feed The Fire” were handled by rough sounded Nico Hartonen, and now it’s time for some high pitched vocal acrobatics by SHIRAZ LANE’s Hannes Kett – for an obvious reason.

“This song is basically my version of the ‘turbocharged–boogie–type’ of songs that Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and quite a few guitar heroes have done. Because of course every self – respecting guitarist should have one on one’s repertoire”, Euge grins and continues:

“I think the song has a strong 80’s vibe so naturally the vocalist needed to be able to deliver high & loud and I was very pleased when Hannes was thrilled to be on board when I asked him to sing on the track. And goddamn the young fella really delivers!”

Both Euge & Hannes says that Ben Varon‘s melody and lyrics are a perfect match with the song’s overall vibe.

“He did an awesome job with the lyrics and I think that similar mishaps have happened to many people. At least to me”, Euge admits.

“It was a fun challenge to come up with melodies for an already written song. I think the lyrics & the melody captures the essence of what this booze–filled song is all about. Euge’s seen his share of the music business so it’s always flattering when someone with such expertise wants to work with you”, Hannes continues.

The drum and bass parts are again delivered like there’s no tomorrow by Drummer Rainer Tuomikanto and Lauri Hämäläinen, and the song, like the whole album, is played without guitar overdubs like those classic Van Halen and Black Sabbath albums.

“This decision enabled me to play that much more freely and to really go for it, since I didn’t have to worry about double tracking afterwards”, says Euge.

Other vocalists on the August released album among Nico Hartonen & Hannes Kett are a good bunch of Scandinavian talents: Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING), Tuomas ‘Tommy’ Tuovinen (OCEANHOARSE, ex-MYGRAIN), Micko Hell (DENIGRATE, GLOOMY GRIM) and Jules Näveri (PROFANE OMEN).

Listen “Liquid Lunch” now on Spotify!

Euge Valovirta - Liquid Lunch

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