EUGE VALOVIRTA and JULES NÄVERI releases “Triggered Boulevard” -single

The long-awaited ”Easy Does It” -album will be released on August 24th and the already released singles Feed the Fire (feat. Nico Hartonen) and Liquid Lunch (feat. Hannes Kett) gets companion from the third single “Triggered Boulevard” which has Juleri Näveri from Profane Omen & Spiritraiser on vocals. The song definitely has some Ozzy – Wylde – spririt going on and it’s available now on all major streaming services.

The song starts with a catchy riff (at least IMO) and continues with more catchy riffs and awesome vocals by Jules. And then there’s the Randy / Zakk influenced guitar solo which I’m pretty proud of too. I’ve always wanted to write and release this kind of song and I’m glad that I finally did it. The early Zakk Wylde & the whole Randy Rhoads era are my favorites of Ozzy’s career so it’s pretty cool to release a song in the spirit of those eras”, says Euge with a wide grin.

Jules NäveriTriggered Boulevard” is my way of thanking the 80’s & 90’s hard / glam rock bands for feeding me with influences to throw in the mix for my own musical upbringing. Euge offered me a song I simply couldn’t resist and I went balls screaming deep with it”, Jules continues.

The drum and bass parts are again delivered like there’s no tomorrow by Rainer Tuomikanto and Lauri Hämäläinen, who is also responsible for producing, recording & mixing the album and Svante Forsbäck mastered the whole thing.

This song, like the whole album, is played without guitar overdubs like those classic Van Halen and Black Sabbath albums. “This decision enabled me to play that much more freely and to really go for it, since I didn’t have to worry about double tracking afterwards”, says Euge

Other vocalists on the August released album among Nico Hartonen, Hannes Kett & Jules Näveri are a good bunch of Scandinavian talents: Niklas Kvarforth (Shining), Tommy Tuovinen (Oceanhoarse, ex-MyGrain), Micko Hell (Denigrate, Gloomy Grim).

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