Discover Monday – WAGTAILS

Welcome to the second edition of the Discover Monday editorial!
Looking for new bands and genres? The experts will deliver.

Wagtails is a Finnish rock band from the town of Ylivieska. The band was born in 2015 and it currently consists of: Jenna Kosunen in the vocals and keys, Elias Russka as the guitar player, Paavo Vuoteenaho as a bass player and Konsta Ruuska in the drums.

I came to know about Wagtails in the Nummirock playlist for 2020 and then saw them playing during one of this festival live transmissions. First impressions were no different from what I knew about them: Solid old-style rock compositions with a very promising female voice in front.
One thing worth mentioning is that for some new bands, it usually takes them some time to find their true sound, something that this band didn’t seem to go through (even though they still have not released a full album, they seem pretty convinced about what they are made of.

Fist official music video for ‘This Golden Nation‘, their most famous song.

The young band members describe themselves as “[…]best known for our powerful live performances.“, to which I could say I agree.

It’s a shame the band has only a few songs available, due to this we can’t elaborate more in this edition, however, I have a positive perception with what’s available and will for sure look forward to the next material.

Why listening to Wagtails: “A solid rock band, a promising -already talented- front girl leading to a highly potential successful emerging band.

If you plan on assisting to Nummirock 2021 (like the NM staff will), for sure there’s one more startling band to put attention to and support if it suits your taste.