Discover Monday – LIEKKI

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Launching this series was a big challenge for the team and even so, this time I wanted to add a special ingredient: Liekki.

Liekki was formed back in 1999 by the previous 1998 disbanded band members of Karkkiautomaatti: Janne Kuusela, singer and guitar player and Jesa Lehto as drummer. They welcomed Teemu Soininen as a bass player. After launching their debut album ‘Magio‘, they decided to include Okke Komulainen on keyboards and brought a new drummer: Juha Kulmala. This line up prevails until now.

Liekki is a finnish progressive-rock band, they released six albums: ‘Magio‘ (2001), ‘Korppi‘ (2003), ‘Rajan piirsin taa‘ (2005), ‘Kalliot leikkaa‘ (2007), ‘Hyönteinen‘ (2008) and ‘Paimen‘ (2010). Since the release of ‘Paimen’, they haven’t had any known activity, however, they are not officially disbanded, so for the records the band is “formed” still but not touring or releasing material. Also note that documentation for this band is almost nil.

The band is characterized by its simplistic traditional vocal style, atmospheric vibes and a virtuoso display of all instruments. If you are used to a heavy (metal) sound, perhaps this band would not suit you well, or who knows… Maybe they’ll drag you into the genre?

When ‘Magio’ came out, the band received mostly positive critics in Finland, looking like a very promising musical future. The musical style was then compared by the critics with bands like Wigwam or the well-known band previously mentioned, Karkkiautomaatti.

All album covers were created by Jenni Rope.

Korppi‘ deserves a special mention since it is considered by many, the best Liekki album and it also contains what’s probably the most famous song by the prog rockers: ‘Pienokainen

For those non-finnish speakers, follow this link for a lyrics translation to English:

Due to the increasing popularity that was gained after ‘Korppi‘, Universal Music signed the band in 2004 and they were invited to play in important festivals like Ilosaarirock in 2005.
Under the new label, ‘Rajan piirsin taa‘ was released. This time a heavier sound was delivered.

‘Kalliot Leikkaa’ was a similar album to its predecessor. Liekki was still receiving acclaim from the proggers.

First Liekki’s official video.

The quartet went a little downhill after realeasing ‘Hyönteinen‘. This album is popularly considered as “the weakest of the six albums“.

Liekki’s second and last official video.

Why listening to Liekki: Sentimentalism, tunes to chill to, tunes for sleeping, appreciation of both simplicity and skillful musicians.

Even though ‘Paimen‘ received -apparently- even worse critics than ‘Hyönteinen‘, it may be my personal favorite album. This time they tried to go back to their roots but with a little heavier sound in half of the songs than in their first two releases. You simply can’t say songs like ‘Kuningatar‘ or ‘Kalevan Kellot‘ aren’t beautiful pieces.

Summarizing, Liekki is: Four guys full of emotions willing to test your imagination through detailed melodies.

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