Dimmu Borgir – Eonian


After a gap of around eight years, one of the most famous black metal bands makes their return: The norwegian band Dimmu Borgir has released their tenth full-lenght studio album entitled as ‘Eonian’.

I will do this review as objective as possible. Due to the nature of this album and the record this band has, the review could be done in a subjective way, which is not our intention here. However, each person has their own point of view.

This review will be an overall view of what this album was and our analysis after several days of listening to it, instead of a journey through every track (as I’ve done in previous posts with other albums).

The singles released for this album were actually a good taste of what the whole album was going to be.
‘Interdimensional Summit’ and ‘Council of Wolves and Snakes’ were abundant in orchestral elements. This, was taken way too far on ‘Eonian’. Even considering that the musical creation and design is magnificent and clever at a certain point, choirs were vastly overused. So what does this mean? If we want to compare their works then previous albums were rich in orchestral elements but the Dimmu Borgir’s black metal essence was always there to provide some sort of obscured feelings with blasting vocals.
So avoiding comparisons and taking as premise the “every album is different and it is okay for the band to change their sound” opinion, let’s continue with our review…

The band seems to be sailing into a subgenre between black metal and symphonic metal but we don’t know if it is a brand new hybrid subrenge or something that is really in between the two mentioned.

One thing is for sure about this album: In order for you to truly obtain a feeling (or not at all) or resolution about it you will have to listen to it for at least four times.

As a summary: Eonian is a difficult album to deal with and most of all one that won’t make you feel much. Unfortunately the style the band has chosen it somewhat controversial amongst the fans and critics. If you are looking for some black metal, empowered riffs, blasting drums and unshackled vocals, this is not an album for you.


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