DARK SARAH: “The Golden Moth” Details Revealed

Finnish cinematic metal band DARK SARAH will release a new album called “The Golden Moth” on September 21st in Europe and North America via Inner Wound Recordings.

“The Golden Moth” is the last part of the first DARK SARAH trilogy (The Chronicles). The trilogy tells about Dark Sarah‘s travel through three worlds: The Middle World (Behind The Black Veil album), The Underworld (The Puzzle album) and The Upper World (“The Golden Moth” album).

On “The Golden Moth” album Dark Sarah has to face the final test and find her way to the gods in the Upper World. After she had solved the puzzle in The Underworld and found the three keys, the Iron birds came there for her and took her to the Upper World, a deserted waste land where the gods rule. But also a trespasser, The Dragon, came with her. In the heat of the desert they meet again and there is something The Dragon wants from her…

JP Leppäluoto (Charon) has joined the official lineup as The Dragon for the upcoming album. Also in the roles of The Gods you will hear featuring artists as Zuberoa Aznárez (Diabulus In Musica) and Marco Hietala (Nightwish) and Netta Skog as Fortune teller (Ensiferum).

Dark Sarah - The Golden Moth

“The Golden Moth” track listing
1. Desert Rose
2. Trespasser
3. Wheel
4. My Beautiful Enemy
5. I Once Had Wings
6. Pirates
7. Sky Sailing
8. Wish
9. Gods Speak
10. Promise
11. Golden Moth
12. The Gate Of Time

The album was originally meant to be released in spring, but it had to be postponed. Heidi Parviainen explains the process as follows:

“It was only January 2017 when I started to write music for The Golden Moth album. I wrote about 20 songs from which we have chosen the best ones to end up on the album. In spring 2017 me and JP started to practice the fight choreography for the becoming first single called Trespasser and I launched a crowdfunding to cover the extra costs of shooting the video abroad. I booked a trip to Canary Islands for our small video crew for September 2017. Me and JP practiced pekiti tirsia kali fighting and modern dancing for the whole summer. The guys went to studio to record the song late summer and it got ready just before we left to Spain to shoot the video.

DS also visited The Netherlands for two shows in November. It was late 2017 when we launched the crowdfunding for the whole The Golden Moth album, being the final part of the first Dark Sarah trilogy called The Chronicles. We got full funding, thanks to our loyal fans! In Christmas holidays we started to record the drums, bass, guitars and vocals in a tight schedule and in February we had the whole album ready for mastering. Same time I started shipping the first perks for the contributors. In January 2018 we started a two weeks tour in Finland with Sonata Arctica.

In February we made a worldwide management deal with Master Events and it became clear that the planned release for May 2018 was not going to work regarding the planned promotion, shows and possible tours with a fresh new album, because of the holiday season in Europe. Although we all were disappointed of postponing the release after summer we still thought it was the best thing regarding the album. You won’t believe how hard it is to hold the ready album in your hands and not be able to share it with you straight away! Cause it is YOU – the fans- the album is made for! In March 2018 we shot another music video for the album and late summer 2018 there will be a third music video session!”

The band has two shows in Finland this summer: on June 15th at Ilmajoen Musiikkijuhlat, Dark Friday (with The Dark Element) and on July 20th at John Smith Rock Festival. Stay tuned for more updates!

Find more videos here.

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