CyHra – Letters To Myself

cyHra - Letters To Myself

I need to make a confession right here right now. When I heard Cyhra for the first time I wasn’t aware what band I was listening and I was like “new stuff from Amaranthe?” I have listened a lot of Amaranthe so of course the voice of Jake E was recognized immediately. And I already knew there was this new supergroup cause I saw Alex Landenburg post about it in Facebook. I just couldn’t connect the dots when I heard the song. The roster is very impressive and you should expect nothing but very good music from them. Did they deliver? Did they ever! If I would have to sum the album with one sentence it would be “catchy as f**k!”.

The album opener “Karma” gives you the direction for the album. If you are into melodic stuff you are in for a treat. As I have grown older I have turned more and more towards the faster stuff but god damn when you give me something melodic that actually works I love you forever. There is a very fine line of writing melodic metal and at the same time be taken seriously or to write melodic metal and become a sellout. And in this case Jake E and Jesper Strömblad who wrote all the songs in the album, didn’t sellout. I am sure with “Letters To MyselfCyhra has received a solid following and now that they are going to support Kreator and Sabaton in North America I am 100% certain their following will only increase.

I personally think that nothing speaks better about the music than the music itself so instead of trying to write something that would convince you this is a good album full of good songs I will throw the video from the album opener “Karma” and I let you judge it yourself.

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