CYHRA guitarist EUGE VALOVIRTA releases solo single “FEED THE FIRE” – solo album in spring 2018

CyHra guitarist Euge Valovirta will release his first solo album this spring, and the first preview of what’s to come has been unveiled. “Feed The Fire” (featuring Nico Hartonen) presents one of the album’s many vocalists. In addition to Hartonen (Godsplague, Resolution 13, Drive), Easy Does It features Niklas Kvarforth (Shining), Hannes Kett (Shiraz Lane), Tommy Tuovinen (Oceanhoarse, ex-MyGrain), Micko Hell (Denigrate, Gloomy Grim) and Jules Näveri (Profane Omen).

“‘Feed the Fire‘ could very well be a Godsplague song, so my good friend Nico Hartonen was the obvious choice to sing on it,” Euge says of his former Godsplague bandmate. “We put ‘Feed The Fire‘ together using the same methods we’ve used with Godsplague songs: I sent Nico an instrumental demo with no vocal melodies and just let him run with it. I only asked that the song would somehow be about me, and that the chorus should have a cool catchphrase. And Nico delivered!

Me and Euge have known each other forever,” says Hartonen. “We’ve toured together, worked our asses off in the studio together… so it was very easy for me to get to Euge’s wavelength. The lyrical themes are very close to those heard on Godsplague songs. Like they say, if it ain’t broke… Booze Metal, perkele!” 

After playing in such a diverse palette of rock and metal bands as Godsplague, Suburban Tribe, Drive and Shining, Euge is now the lead guitarist of CyHra, the melodic metal supergroup featuring ex-members of In Flames, HammerFall and Amaranthe

Easy Does It sees Euge teaming up with drummer Rainer Tuomikanto and bassist Lauri Hämäläinen; the latter is also responsible for producing, recording and mixing the album. The album is mastered by Svante Forsbäck.

This song – and the rest of the album – was recorded with no guitar overdubs, just like all those classic Van Halen and Black Sabbath records. This decision enabled me to play that much more freely and to really go for it, since I didn’t have to worry about double tracking afterwards,” says Euge.    

Euge has a month-long US tour with CyHra lined up for February, together with Kreator and Sabaton. Easy Does It will be released before the summer. Expect more previews throughout the spring.

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