CRIMSON SUN long-awaited new album “Fates” out now!

The Finnish metal band goes to prove they are “not just a one-album-wonder”

The Finnish melodic metal act Crimson Sun made the headlines four years ago with their debut album “Towards The Light” (2015) that got metal critics all around the world excited. The band was praised as newcomers of the year and the album received nothing but raving reviews. Crimson Sun continued their winning streak by releasing an equally praised EP, “The Spirit of Unchainable” (2017), from which the single “Forever and Away” has gathered over half a million plays on Spotify. After gripping performances in the biggest metal festivals in Finland and touring around Europe, it is now time for this modern metal band to bring out their second album: “Fates” is out now!

Crimson Sun dropped four singles from the upcoming album: “We Are One“, “The Beast Within“, “Essence of Creation” and “The Last Day On Earth“. The album Fates is thematically centered around different fates of people – loosely referring to the band’s own experiences as well.

The album took its time as we all went through some major changes in our personal lives – some of us started families, some lost relationships or loved ones, built houses, gained new jobs… Life happened! ‘Fates’ proves however, that despite things changing we can get past all difficulties and challenges and move on – and make the kind of music we want to hear“, guitarist Junnila explains.

Fates” has already gained several positive reviews in the music media. To the band, this sophomore album is very significant.

It represents continuity in our musical career. Some of the reviews of the first album suggested that we might just be a one-album-wonder. ‘Fates’ hopefully proves to everyone that this is not the case! We continue to grow and evolve – and we won’t even be just a ‘two-album-wonder’“, Junnila grins.

Crimson Sun is:
Sini Seppälä – vocals
Joni Junnila – guitar
Jukka Jauhiainen – bass
Antti Rantavuo – drums
Miikka Hujanen – keyboards