STYLE: ORIGIN: FinlandFORMED: 2007LABEL: WormHoleDeath
  • Superstar Joey Severance - vocals
  • Tommy Shred - Lead guitar
  • Henry Steel - bass
  • Jimmy the Grey - drums

Tired of Tour Managing some of the biggest names in Underground Metal, singer Superstar Joey Severance decided in 2010 to put together his own band and got together with guitarist, Michiel “Big Maaaan” Rutten and together the two of them started composing songs in his bedroom. The duo, with the help if former Born From Pain drummer, Roel Klomb travelled to Belgium at Brujeria guitarist AK’s studio to record their first demo. The “band” never made the demo available to the public nor did they send it to any record labels as they knew that they had better material waiting in the wings.

After a few months, the trio got together again to record another demo with AK, which was sent out to labels and they eventually signed to France’s Listenable Records. Still with no band, Superstar Joey Severance contacted some friends from the Finnish band Amoral and together with guitarist Daddy B, bassist Johnny Wow and drummer Starvin’ Marvin the guy’s travelled to Parlby, Sweden to Abyss Studio with producer extraordinaire Peter Tagtgren to record their debut album Amsterdamn, Hellsinki

The album received great reviews in the press and among thrash maniacs but the band felt that the label wasn’t doing enough to push them and asked for a release from their contract to which the label obliged. Big Maaaaan decided that he was going to move to Israel to live with his girlfriend and with no ties to The Netherlands, Superstar Joey Severance packed up and made the move to Finland to find the right guy’s not only musically, but also visually.

Within two months of Arriving in Finland, SJS placed an ad on a local Finnish site explaining exactly what he was looking for and the first person to reply was guitarist Tommy Shred. Soon after bassist Henry Steel and drummer Jani Niemela also answered the ad and the guys were ready to Rock ‘n Roll. After some time with not able to find another guitarist, Tommy Shred recommended his friend Tim Damion and the lineup was complete

The band played some local shows supporting Lazy Bonez as well as several supporting Korpiklaani (which Superstar Joey Severance sang lead vocals on their album Manala) and then put the finishing touches on the songs which would make up their next album Black President. TORNADO entered Studio 33 in Kuopio, Finland this time under the guidance of producer Kimmo Hamalainen to record 10 tracks of their trademark Sleazy Thrash. After the completion of the new album, drummer Jani Niemela announced his departure due to continuing problems in his wrist and was replaced by Niko McNasty. After several months of looking for a new record deal, TORNADO signed with Italy’s Worm Hole Death.

This is not your father’s Thrash 😉

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Commitment To Excellence / 2018

Tornado - Commitment To Excellence
  • Album Info
  • 2018
  • Extreme Metal Music

1. A Minute Of Nothing
2. White Horse Of The Apocalypse (Solo: Karl Sanders. Additional Vocals: Niko Kalliojärvi)
3. Global Pandemic
4. Spirit And Opportunity (Additional Vocals: Ross Dolan)
5. The Flight Of Yuri Gagarin
6. Endless Forms Of Torment (Additional Solo: Adam Phillips)
7. Through Difficulties To Victory
8. Supremacy
9. Chaos Among The Ruins
10. United Forces (S.O.D. Cover)
11. At The Chapel Of Rest (Additional Solo: Glen Drover)

With “Commitment To Excellence”TORNADO continue to do what they do best: writing songs that you can actually remember, with their own original recipe consisting in a blend of thrash, sleeze and glam!

Featuring: Nile’s Karl Sanders, Immolation’s Ross Dolan and Pro-Pain’s Adam Phillips, as well as Glen Drover (former Megadeth member). Produced by Ben Varon (ex-Amoral/Oceanhoarse), and mixed/mastered and engineered by AK, Chris Paccou (FOH Engineer of Slayer) “Commitment to Excellence” has been released via Extreme Metal Music on August 31, 2018.

Black President / 2015

Tornado - Black President
  • Album Info
  • 2015
  • WormHoleDeath

1. Black President
2. I, Individual
3. 911 First Responder
4. Flesh Crawling Nightmare
5. T-Minus 10
6. David and Goliah
7. World Pieces
8. Under the Crimson Moon
9. Stop the Madness (Part I & II)
10. Ghetto Wasteland

Amsterdamn, Hellsinki / 2011

Tornado - Amsterdamn, Hellsinki
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • Listenable Records

1. A Bold Statement
2. Hate Worldwide
3. 3 of 8
4. Massive Extinction Impact
5. Eugenics
6. Ignorance Is Thy Name
7. Noora
8. Blue
9. Priesthood Pedophilia
10. Diva
11. Tunisia Uprising
12. Rise Disciples, Rise

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