The Night Flight Orchestra

The Night Flight Orchestra
STYLE: ORIGIN: SwedenFORMED: 2012LABEL: Nuclear Blast Records
  • Björn Strid - Vocals
  • Sharlee D'Angelo - Bass
  • David Andersson - Guitars
  • Richard Larsson - Keyboards
  • Jonas Källsbäck - Drums
  • Anna-Mia Bonde - Backing Vocals
  • Anna Brygård - Backing Vocals

This is the story of The Night Flight Orchestra.

They have been drifters for a thousand years, victims of circumstance. Now, the erstwhile classic rock pariahs of the NFO have finally found a place to call home.

Björn Strid, the infamous singer of SOILWORK, made a name for himself as one of the best metal vocalists out there around the turn of the millenium. What no one expected was that had been hiding a classic rock heart behind that titanium ribcage of his for quite some time. When he spent some time in 2006 with David Andersson, who was then the new Soilwork live session guitarist, on tour somewhere in the US, he knew he’d found a kindred spirit. It might’ve happened when the local runner drove them over the bridges of Asbury Park, NJ blasting Layla on classic rock radio, it might’ve happened when they got drunk in the morning and drove from LA to Palm Springs to do a radio interview, and ended up doing acoustic Whitesnake covers instead. Actually, no one knows what really happened. But one of those American highways, they found out that they had a mission; to start a classic rock band and play it the way it’s supposed to be played.

Sharlee D’Angelo had long been a fan of Chris Glen and Dick Kemper. While playing high-profile metal shows with ARCH ENEMY at night, he spent the early mornings thinking about David Hungate‘s note choices, sometimes with a bottle of champagne, sometimes with two bottles of champagne. When David and Björn and David offered him a third bottle of champagne in exchange for being an adventurous bass consultant and phase manipulator, he didn’t have a choice but to say yes.

Richard Larsson is a ladies’ man. He drives a Jaguar and has one brown and one green eye, and has once described himself as a semi-psychopath from the South of Sweden. Apart from those qualities, he’s also a keyboard wizard with a silver-haired chest that he’s very fond of exposing.

Jonas Källsbäck is the mad-man drummer. He’s entered drum solo competitions in Tokyo so drunk he could barely walk, but he still won. He has ruptured his spleen in Cyprus, he has experienced dirty living in Greenland, and he has played drums with the likes of Mean Streak and Jupiter Society. In short, he is one of Sweden’s secret weapons.

Sebastian Forslund is a musical prodigy that was just too good to not have in the band. He’s a proficient drummer, percussionist, guitarist, back-up vocalist and songwriter, who’s been around ever since mixing the first album. He participated in our first live show on a whim, armed with only a pair of congas and a plastic owl, and shortly after, he became a permanent member.

And in the middle of all this talent, this whirlwind of emotions, this primal purging of raw, unadultered feeling, stand Björn Strid and David Andersson, still not quite knowing what to do with it all. Björn recently came out of Lou Gramm rehab, and David has recently undergone treatment for his Tommy Bolin psychosis. Stil they show no signs of improvement.

After so many years battling northwinds, fire, water and walking in the shadow of the blues, Nuclear Blast have finally agreed to sign them on, starting with their LP Amber Galactic, out now.

We, The Night Flight Orchestra, will continue to push the boundaries of classic rock; we will continue with the unnecessarily catchy choruses, the unnecessary solos, the atmospherics that no one will understand but us, and the female voices that seem to stem from your unconscious.
Will you be there for us? We probably won’t be there for you, but since when did rock-star public availability ever become classic?

You’ll see us in the videos, during the shows and in the mug shots from Palm Springs.

Yours truly,

The Night Flight Orchestra


Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough / 2018

  • Album Info
  • 2018
  • Nuclear Blast

Amber Galactic / 2017

  • Album Info
  • 2017
  • Nuclear Blast Records
1. “Midnight Flyer” 6:07
2. “Star of Rio” 4:34
3. “Gemini” 4:18
4. “Sad State of Affairs” 4:50
5. “Jennie” 4:32
6. “Domino” 5:01
7. “Josephine” 4:41
8. “Space Whisperer” 4:35
9. “Something Mysterious” 4:10
10. “Saturn in Velvet” 7:26
Total length: 50:07

Amber Galactic is the third studio album by Swedish rock band The Night Flight Orchestra, released on 19 May 2017 via Nuclear Blast. It was recorded at Handsome Hard Studios, Kävlinge, Sweden and Nordic Sound Lab, Skara, Sweden in 2016. Additional recordings were done at Studio Valborg, Studio Rymdberg, Speedstrid Studios and on a tour bus close to the Austrian border.

In March 2017 during a press conference, singer Björn Strid stated:
“Amber Galactic was made during late nights and way too early mornings, when sometimes, in the corner of your eye, you can catch a glimpse of another dimension, where all the women are heartbroken space commanders in evening gowns, the champagne is always free and the drugs won’t hurt you. We wanted to create more than just a listening experience, instead we want it to be an alternative reality. We hope that after listening to Amber Galactic, you’ll be wide-eyed, horny and slightly drunk.” Guitarist David Andersson added: “Musicianship in itself is not interesting, neither are the technical aspects of creating music. The ideas and visions behind the music are the only things really worthy of in-depth discussions. We’ve all reached a point where we can all pretty much play and sing whatever we want. We didn’t talk much about chord changes or amplifiers during the recording sessions. But we spent a lot of time discussing Kierkegaard’s concept of anxiety, different vintages of sparkling wine, the psychoacoustic aspects of modulation, the innate superiority of women and why a pearl necklace always look better when whoever wears it has a bored expression on her face.”

Skyline Whispers / 2015

  • Album Info
  • 2015
  • Coroner Records

1. “Sail On” 4:47
2. “Living for the Nighttime” 6:00
3. “Stiletto” 4:31
4. “Owaranai Palisades” 1:13
5. “Lady Jade” 4:13
6. “I Ain’t Old, I Ain’t Young” 5:04
7. “All the Ladies” 4:26
8. “Spanish Ghosts” 4:54
9. “Demon Princess” 4:54
10. “Skyline Whispers” 2:23
11. “Roads Less Traveled” 4:07
12. “The Heather Reports” 9:56

Total length: 56:28


Skyline Whispers is the second studio album by Swedish classic rock/AOR band The Night Flight Orchestra, released on 9 June 2015 via Coroner Records.

Internal Affairs / 2012

  • Album Info
  • 2012
  • Coroner Records

1. Siberian Queen 06:04
2. California Morning 05:38
3. Glowing City Madness 03:58
4. West Ruth Ave 06:43
5. Transatlantic Blues 08:22
6. Miami 5:02 03:50
7. Internal Affairs 04:49
8. 1998 04:58
9. Stella Ain’t No Dove 04:27
10. Montreal Midnight Supply 04:42
11. Green Hills of Glumslöv 04:08
12. American High


Internal Affairs is the first studio album by Swedish classic rock/AOR band The Night Flight Orchestra, released on 18 June 2012 via Coroner Records.


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