STYLE: , ORIGIN: FinlandFORMED: 2000LABEL: Spinefarm Records
  • Minna Sihvonen - vocals
  • Kalle Pyyhtinen - guitars, keyboards
  • Mikko Kolari - guitars
  • Matti Reinola - bass, keyboards
  • Jukka Laine - drums

SHAMRAIN (formerly TEARS) from Finland creates dark atmospheric rock blended with ethereal, dreamlike soundscapes.

In October 2000 Matti and Janne come up with an idea of a band playing slow, dreamlike material. During the winter, some songs were written and recorded. As they needed someone to vocalize their words scribbled down in distress, they asked Mika Tauriainen (ENTWINE) to try it out. Mika‘s voice fit the music perfectly and in autumn 2001 this trio gave birth to the first ShamRain release. “Pieces” EP saw the light of day on February 2002.

In 2002 more songs were written and the first permanent guitarist, Kalle, joined the band. Later the band signed a deal with Watch Me Fall Records. The recordings of the debut album, Empty World Excursion, took place during the summer and autumn 2003. By this time, the band’s music evolved into a combination of dark melancholic rock and slow, ethereal elements. EWE is put out by WMF in December and gains a lot of good reviews.

The following year, the band recorded a few unused songs written for EWE and a The Cure cover song. These were released on a The Cure tribute album and a 7″ vinyl, simply called the “ShamRain EP”. New songs were written during the spring and summer. In autumn 2004, demo sessions for the 2nd album began and 13 new songs were recorded. At this time a second guitarist, Mikko, was recruited to enforce the band. The deal with WMF dissolves and a new deal was made with Firebox Records. In December recordings of a new album finally started at Akun Tehdas and the sessions stretched to last almost 4 months, before getting the final touch at FinnVox studios. The album is titled Someplace Else and was released in June 2005. It includes some new elements, still being a logical sequel to EWE. And as EWE, Someplace Else also gained a lot of great feedback, including many ‘full points’ reviews.

During autumn 2005 SHAMRAIN recorded demos of new songs, which together with unused songs from the “Someplace Else” sessions formed the next release, “Deeper Into The Night” MCD. During the winter SHAMRAIN recorded the MCD and finally played their first gigs. “Deeper Into The Night” was released April 2006 revealing SHAMRAIN more uptempo than ever, whilst maintaining the quiet and slow moments that make their sound unique.

While getting the songs together for the 3rd album, SHAMRAIN was offered a deal by Spikefarm Records. As soon as the deal was sorted out, the band escaped the summer brightness to the studio. The sessions turned out to be the hardest recording sessions ever. It took a lot of despair and disagreements, not to mention time, to get the album finalized, but it seems to be worth it. The new album represented the band more challenging and varieting as never before. The basic, ethereal SHAMRAIN elements are still there, while the progress was getting the band into more rocking scales in the vein of British legends like Radiohead, The Cure, Placebo and Porcupine Tree. The album is titled Goodbye to All That, released 31.10.2007.

In 2011 SHAMRAIN released Isolation, the first album featuring new female singer Minna Sihvonen.

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Isolation / 2011

ShamRain - Isolation
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • Spinefarm Records

1. How Can I Make It Through The Night
2. Everything Made Perfect Sense
3. Until Twilight
4. A Room With No View
5. Quiet Today
6. Surreal Play
7. Noises
8. Slow The World
9. Horizon
10. The Deep End Of The Ocean

“Isolation” is the fourth studio album of Finnish band SHAMRAIN. It was released in 2011 through the record label Spinefarm Records.

Goodbye To All That / 2007

ShamRain - Goodbye To All That
  • Album Info
  • 2007
  • Spikefarm Records

1. Holding The Earth
2. Raindrops
3. Ghosts I See
4. Passing Shadows
5. Shallow Delusion
6. Stars Will Fall
7. Silent Lullaby
8. Evangeline
9. No One Remembers Your Name
10. Goodbyes Painted Black

“Goodbye To All That” is the third studio album of Finnish band SHAMRAIN. It was released in 2007 through the record label Spikefarm Records. The album ranked 39th on the official Finnish chart.

Someplace Else / 2005

ShamRain - Someplace Else
  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • Firebox Records

1. Into Nothingness
2. Still Aeon
3. To Leave
4. Aura
5. Slow Motions
6. The Missing Pieces
7. A Woeful Song
8. Laren U Freht Ona
9. The Empty Flow

“Someplace Else” is the second full length album of Finnish band SHAMRAIN. Produced by Ari Laurila, Matti Reinola and SHAMRAIN.

Empty World Excursion / 2003

Shamrain - Empty World Excursion
  • Album Info
  • 2003
  • Watch Me Fall Records

1. Statues
2. Fail
3. Pieces
4. Drifter
5. Withdraw
6. Sound Asleep
7. Into Distance
8. Funeral
9. Dispensable

“Empty World Excursion” is the first full length album of Finnish band SHAMRAIN. Mastered by Mika Jussila and mixed by Jani Heimala and SHAMRAIN.

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