Rotten Sound

Rotten Sound
STYLE: ORIGIN: FinlandFORMED: 1993LABEL: Season of Mist
  • Keijo Niinimaa-Vocals
  • Mika Aalto-Guitars
  • Sami Latva-Drums

Rotten Sound – 20 Years of Grindcore and Chaos

Rotten Sound are celebrating their 20th anniversary of Grindcore and chaos during the whole year of 2013. This crushing party begins with the release of the Species at War EP in January. Afterwards, the wrecking will continue with many tours and festival performances all around the globe. 2013 promises to become the most intense year in the two decades of Rotten Sound ‘s existence: “Our plans are huge and we are aware that some events may not happen, but we are working very hard to bring our music to the ears of as many people as possible”, states frontman Keijo Niinimaa, after returning from the honourable position of lead guest singer at the “NASUM Farewell Tour” in 2012. “We will visit some new places, while continuing to bomb those we have been playing in since the very beginning of the band. We are also determined to arrange one hell of a party before the end of 2013 to celebrate our 20 years of existence.”

Rotten Sound ‘s opening assault Species at War contains 6 brand new tracks, which are attached to each other in order to create one insane ride through aggression and despair with a few heavier passages sprinkled in. Where Cursed (2011) went through the curses of humanity, Species at War deals with the evil consequences of wars caused by religions and cultures. “We felt that ‘Cursed’ needed a closing chapter both musically and lyrically”, continues Niinimaa. “Therefore we decided to take everything a step further in terms of chaos and heaviness. All lyrics were written during a weekend last summer and I ended up recording them the very next week, when everything was still fresh in my mind. That paid off, because it feels as if this whole release is lyrically just one epic song.

Musically, Rotten Sound  mercilessly attack, delivering the sonic equivalent of an apocalyptic battlefield with their seventh EP “Species at War”. True to the tradition of classic Grindcore, this stunning inferno is presented in 8:05 minutes. Yet the Finns make every second count. This brutal mind-blowing onslaught of downtuned guitar and bass smashes all resistance. A fierce barrage from the drums pushes relentlessly forward and the vocal growls roll like thunder over the shell shocked ground. Then again Rotten Sound  deliver more than just a musical illustration of the horrors of war. A dark but warm streak runs though their Grindcore onslaught enhanced by Death Metal precision, which expresses such unexpected emotions like melancholy, longing and passion. This might serve to explain together with their outstanding technical abilities, why a band with such extreme intensity hits the charts in their native Finland with each release since the mid-2000s.

Rotten Sound were formed on one insane night of July 1993, during the aftermath of a VOMITURITION studio session. The band recorded a bunch of EP’s and splits before they released their first two full-lengths, “Under Pressure” (1997) and “Drain” (1998). After the “Still Psycho” MCD (2000), which was also their first proper release in North America, the Finns started to tour more actively. This took the band to a higher level and when Murderworks was released in 2005, media and public recognized and praised the massive new force in Scandinavian Grind. Following this success, Rotten Sound ’s sound evolved on Exit (2005), the “Consume to Contaminate” MCD (2006) and the Cycles album (2008), which added more heavy parts and some of the forgotten Crust elements from their early years. Their latest full-length Cursed shook the world on impact in 2011.

Playing live has always been a high priority for Rotten Sound  and their journeys led them to share stages with CARCASS, EXHUMED, VICTIMS, DISFEAR, PHOBIA, MISERY INDEX, NASUM, PIG DESTROYER, NAPALM DEATH, DOOM and many other leading bands of the extreme music scene, which they shaped in union with the Finns. Now 2013 will be more than just another year for shaking the foundations of live venues and assaulting people with deadly Grindcore. Rotten Sound  are also planning to re-enter the studio in order to record their next album straight after the extensive touring is done. Yet first it’s time to get on the road and to have the final anniversary party heralded by “Species at War”. “Keep your eyes peeled, follow the news and join the Grindcore party in a city near to you!”, finishes Niinimaa. War is here!

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Abuse to Suffer / 2016

Rotten Sound-Abuse to Suffer
  • Album Info
  • 2016
  • Season Of Mist

1. Lazy Asses
2. Intellect
3. Fear of Shadows
4. Trashmonger
5. Crooked
6. Time for the Fix
7. Slave to the Rats
8. Brainwashed
9. Cannon Fodder
10. Yellow Pain
11. Machine
12. The Clerk
13. Caged
14. Retaliation
15. Inhumane Treatment
16. Extortion and Blackmail

Cursed / 2011

Rotten Sound-Cursed
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • Relapse Records

1. Alone
2. Superior
3. Self
4. Choose
5. Hollow
6. Ritual
7. Green
8. Machinery
9. Power
10. Plan
11. Declare
12. Addict
13. Exploit
14. Terrified
15. Scared
16. Doomed

Cursed is the sixth studio album by Finnish grindcore band Rotten SoundMusic videos were made for “Hollow” and “Self”.

Cycles / 2008

Rotten Sound-Cycles
  • Album Info
  • 2008
  • Spinefarm Records

1. The Effects
2. Prai$€ the £ord
3. Blind
4. Units
5. Corponation
6. Colonies
7. Poor
8. Days to Kill
9. Deceit
10. Caste System
11. Alternews
12. Simplicity
13. Enigma
14. Decimate
15. Victims
16. Sold Out
17. Feet First
18. Trust

Cycles is the fifth full-length album by Finnish grindcore band Rotten Sound, released in 2008 on Spinefarm Records.

Exit / 2005

Rotten Sound-Exit
  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • Spinefarm Records

1. Exit
2. Burden
3. Sell Your Soul
4. V.S.A.
5. Follow
6. Maggots
7. Slave
8. Mass Suicide
9. Soil
10. Fail to Fall
11. Greed
12. Slay
13. Western Cancer
14. Nation
15. Havoc
16. Traitor
17. XXI
18. The Weak

Exit is the fourth studio album by Finnish grindcore band Rotten Sound.

Murderworks / 2002

Rotten Sound-Murderworks
  • Album Info
  • 2002
  • Deathvomit Records

1. Targets
2. Void
3. Revenge
4. Lies
5. Doom
6. IQ
7. Insects
8. Seeds
9. Suffer
10. Obey
11. Edge
12. Lobotomy
13. Insane
14. Agony

Murderworks is the third studio album by the Finnish grindcore band Rotten Sound. The album was recorded at Soundlab studios with production of Mieszko Talarczyk.

Murderworks was released in June 2002 through Deathvomit Records (a subsidiary of Necropolis Records) in the United States, and Century Media in Europe, where the album’s artwork was censored by manufacturers in Germany, who considered the original cover and band photos too disturbing for German consumers. As a replacement, the cover was re-colored in shades of red and white, with a note on top saying, “Check booklet for original artwork.” 

The album also includes two live videos for “Seeds” and “Strongman,” and the “Targets” music video, which later appeared on the Murderlive DVD, released in 2004. Murderworks was reissued by Relapse Records in 2005, and regarding this re-release, critics have different opinions. While a review in the Exclaim! magazine defined this reissue of Murderworks as “essential to the grind[core] fan,” Kevin Stewart-Panko from Decibel quoted it with a question, which says: “The easiest reissue job ever?” He also noted that “the actual recording doesn’t appear to have been remastered” and concluded his review stating, “Maybe the advantage with Relapse reissuing this is that, this time, it’ll actually get released.”


Drain / 1999

Rotten Sound-Drain
  • Album Info
  • 1999
  • Repulse Records

1. Calm
2. Dirty Currency
3. Bastard Behaviour
4. Alone at Last
5. Drain
6. Braindead
7. Narrow Mind
8. Dark Highway
9. Inversion
10. Vanity
11. Super Satan
12. Cartender
13. Coldvenience
14. Abusement Park
15. Loser

Under Pressure / 1997

Rotten Sound-Under Pressure
  • Album Info
  • 1997
  • Repulse Records

1. Dominion
2. Controlled Mind
3. Stages
4. Under Pressure
5. I, a Product
6. Insomnia
7. Natural
8. Skinsaw
9. Corporate Fuck
10. Vicious Circle
11. Social Rinse
12. Debility
13. Principles of Abuse
14. Saviour-Pressurewave
15. Jesus Christ Fanclub
16. Loosin’ Face
17. Renewer
18. Subordinated
19. Shut Down
20. Affected
21. Nerves
22. Guard of the Paradise


Report and photos by Serena Solomon A few days of relief from the monotonous, gigless summer. Saarihelvetti 2020 was one of few festivals that luckily were able to stay strong

September 7, 2020 by Serena
Date Venue City Country Info Tickets
2023-12-06T19:00:00Rock CaféPraha 1Czech RepublicInfoTickets
2023-12-07T19:00:00MC FabrikaČeské BudějoviceCzechiaInfoTickets
2023-12-08T19:30:00Rock Café SouthockFrýdek-místekCzechiaInfoTickets
2023-12-09T19:30:00Matrix Club KaniankaKaniankaSlovakiaInfoTickets
2023-12-10T19:00:00Collosseum clubKošice ISlovakiaInfoTickets
2023-12-11T19:00:00Dürer KertBudapestHungaryInfoTickets
2023-12-12T19:00:00Vintage Industrial BarZagrebCroatiaInfoTickets
2023-12-13T19:00:00Viper RoomViennaAustriaInfoTickets
2023-12-15T20:00:00Backstage WerkMünchenGermanyInfoTickets
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