STYLE: ORIGIN: DenmarkFORMED: 2002LABEL: Inner Wound Recordings
  • Terje Harøy - Vocals
  • Jacob Hansen - Guitars
  • Toke Skjønnemand - Guitars
  • Jonah Weingarten - Keyboards
  • Morten Gade Sørensen - Drums

Originally formed by guitarist Michael Kammeyer in 2002, Pyramaze came out of the gate with the solid and classic Lance King fronted releases of “Melancholy Beast” (2004) and “Legend of the Bone Carver” (2006). The band parted ways with Lance in 2006 and Matt Barlow (Iced Earth, Ashes of Ares) joined as the new frontman in 2007, albeit only to see the release of “Immortal” (2008). With Matt headed back to Iced Earth and Kammeyer deciding to retire from the band as well, the remaining members were left at a crossroads (bassist Niels Kvist also decided to part ways at this time).

Jonah, Toke and Morten rallied together and decided that the Legacy of Pyramaze must go on. They asked longtime producer and good friend of the band, Jacob Hansen, to join as the new guitarist and he graciously accepted. A suitable vocalist for the band was also needed, queuing singer Terje Harøy to join Pyramaze in 2013.

This new incarnation of the group resulted in 2015’s “Disciples of the Sun“, which was met with great critical acclaim and reinvigorated both the band and the fans of Pyramaze. Terje, Jacob, Jonah, Morten and Toke began working on the followup to “Disciples of the Sun” in late 2015, entitled “Contingent.” An epic post-apocalyptic conceptual piece influenced by current events, the human spirit to overcome diversity and struggle, and the brotherhood there in. Set to be released in spring of 2017, and hot off the heels of their legendary performance at Prog Power USA 2016, “Contingent” is the manifestation of Pyramaze firing on all cylinders, gathering from the best elements of their musical influences, and coming together to show the world that Pyramaze is indeed back again!

Heavy and full guitar riffs, complemented by the epic and cinematic keyboard arrangements of Jonah W, along with the blistering infusion and foundation provided by drummer Morten Gade Sørensen, work together seamlessly to create the signature sound of Pyramaze. Vocalist Terje Harøy brings power and catchy melodies with a modern flair, without sacrificing the dark and progressive edge that Pyramaze is known for. The furious, progressive, and precise thrash infused riffs of guitarist Jacob Hansen lay down the rock solid foundation upon which the soaring vocal and guitar melodies exist. Lead guitarist Toke Skjønnemand brings the shred and undeniably memorable guitar solos with both a modern and classic influence.

Pyramaze are devoted to making music that mirrors their souls, combines all of their influences, and stimulates the mind and spirit of their listeners… Pyramaze continue to make music that is dark, thought provoking, all with a sense of fearlessness! The band will forever be committed to making the melodic art of a group that understands the importance of staying true and faithful to one’s passion.

“Divided by oceans, bound together by brotherhood, we must become that which divides us…. we are PYRAMAZE, and we are the Ocean!”


Contingent / 2017

  • Album Info
  • 2017
  • Inner Wound Recordings
  1. 1. Land of Information
  2. 2. Kingdom of Solace
  3. 3. Star Men
  4. 4. A World Divided
  5. 5. Nemesis
  6. 6. Contingent – Pt. 1: The Campaign
  7. 7. 20 Second Century
  8. 8. Obsession
  9. 9. Heir Apparent
  10. 10. Contingent – Pt. 2: The Hammer of Remnant
  11. 11. Under Restraint
  12. 12. The Tides that Won’t Change
  13. 13. Symphony of Tears

A follow-up to their last album, Disciples of the Sun, Danish power metal band Pyramaze released Contingent on April 28, 2017 through Inner Wound Recordings.

Disciples of the Sun / 2015

Disciples of the Sun
  • Album Info
  • 2015
  • Inner Wound Recordings
  1. 1. We Are the Ocean
  2. 2. The Battle of Paridas
  3. 3. Disciples of the Sun
  4. 4. Back for More
  5. 5. Genetic Process
  6. 6. Fearless
  7. 7. Perfectly Imperfect
  8. 8. Unveil
  9. 9. Hope Springs Eternal
  10. 10. Exposure
  11. 11. When Black Turns to White
  12. 12. Photograph


Disciples of the Sun is the fourth studio album by the Danish power metal band Pyramaze, released on May 22, 2015.

This album features a significantly different lineup than the band’s previous records. Pyramaze recruited vocalist Terje Harøy to replace Matt Barlow and Urban Breed (with whom Pyramaze did not make a release) after their departures, and producer Jacob Hansen replaced Michael Kammeyer on guitars while remaining the band’s producer. The album’s title track had a music video produced to promote the album, a first for the band.

Immortal / 2008

  • Album Info
  • 2008
  • Inner Wound Recordings
  1. 1. Arise
  2. 2. Year of the Phoenix
  3. 3. Ghost Light
  4. 4. Touched by the Mara
  5. 5. A Beautiful Death
  6. 6. Legacy in a Rhyme
  7. 7. Caramon’s Poem
  8. 8. The Highland
  9. 9. Shadow of the Beast
  10. 10. March Through an Endless Rain

Immortal is the third studio album by the Danish power metal band Pyramaze, released on May 30, 2008.

Iced Earth vocalist Matt Barlow, who had originally left Iced Earth and later joined Pyramaze, performs the vocals on Immortal; however, on the official Pyramaze website, both Barlow and Pyramaze guitarist Michael Kammeyer have stated that this album will be Barlow‘s only contribution to Pyramaze, after which time he will continue to work only with Iced Earth.

Legend of the Bone Carver / 2006

Legend of the Bone Carver
  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • Nightmare Records
  1. 1. Era of Chaos
  2. 2. The Birth
  3. 3. What Lies Beyond
  4. 4. Ancient Words Within
  5. 5. Souls in Pain
  6. 6. She Who Summoned Me
  7. 7. The Bone Carver
  8. 8. Bring Back Life
  9. 9. Blood Red Skies
  10. 10. Tears of Hate
  11. 11. Flame and Retribution (Japanese bonus track)

Legend of the Bone Carver is the second studio album by the Danish power metal band Pyramaze, released by Nightmare Records on February 20, 2006. It is a concept album.


The story is set in a time when the balance of good and evil has deteriorated and darkness rules the world. In this time, a wish went out for deliverance. (Era of Chaos) Soon, a child “conceived by wishes” is born in the forest. Without parents, the child is raised by unnamed guardians of the forest and guarded from the evil around them. (The Birth) The child grows and learns unnaturally fast and begins to wonder what is beyond the boundaries of the forest. As the guardians warn the child of the evil outside the forest, he realizes he does not belong there. (What Lies Beyond) The child starts getting visions of ancient words that he and the guardians can’t explain. They tell him that he must journey outside the forest to “the old who hold the keys” and keep the ancient prophecies for answers to his visions. (Ancient Words Within) The child leaves and travels through the darkness outside the forest, outraged and grieved by all the evil and pain he sees. (Souls in Pain) Finally he meets the woman who summoned him into the world; she was the one who made the wish for the salvation of the world. She is equally saddened by the evil in the world and charges him to fight it, which he accepts. (She Who Summoned Me) Finally he reaches the halls of the old who know the meaning of the ancient words. They reveal that in times of great evil, a creature will be summoned to bring back those who have fallen to join him in a final battle against the darkness. He will bring them back by carving the ancient words into their bones: he is the Bone Carver. (The Bone Carver) He brings back the lives of everyone who was slain by the forces of evil and calls them to war. (Bring Back Life, Blood Red Skies) Finally, the Bone Carver leads his army to war against the darkness and restores the balance of good and evil. Those left in the new world treasure the second chance that has been given to them as the Bone Carver disappears to wherever he came from until only his legend remains. (Tears of Hate)

Melancholy Beast / 2004

Melancholy Beast
  • Album Info
  • 2004
  • Nightmare Records
  1. 1. Sleepy Hollow
  2. 2. Forsaken Kingdom
  3. 3. Melancholy Beast
  4. 4. The Journey
  5. 5. Until We Fade Away
  6. 6. Legend
  7. 7. Mighty Abyss
  8. 8. The Nature of Triumph
  9. 9. Power of Imagination
  10. 10. The Wizard (Bonus Track)

Melancholy Beast is the debut studio album by the Danish power metal band Pyramaze, released by Nightmare Records and Massacre Records in May 2004.

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