Profane Omen

Profane Omen
STYLE: ORIGIN: FinlandFORMED: 1999LABEL: Spinefarm Records
  • Jules Näveri - vocals
  • Williami Kurki - guitars
  • Antti Kokkonen - guitars & backing vocals
  • Samuli Mikkonen - drums & percussions
  • Antti Seroff - bass & backing vocals

1st of December 2005 PROFANE OMEN signs a record deal with Finnish label Dethrone Music.

In January 2006 the band hit Villvox Studios with producer Ville Sorvali (Moonsorrow) to record their debut album “Beaten Into Submission”. The session is engineered by Aleksanteri Kuosa.

6th of September 2006 “Beaten Into Submission” is released. “BIS” enters the Finnish charts placing on a position 28. “BIS” is critically acclaimed in several magazines and webzines.

9th of December 2006 the band signs a booking contract with Finnish booking agency Welldone.

In February 2007 PROFANE OMEN is nominated as the “Newcomer of the Year” in Finnish Metal Awards held at the Finnish Metal Expo.

In May 2007 PROFANE OMEN record their next release. EP “Disconnected” is produced by Ville Sorvali and engineered by Aleksanteri Kuosa at Villvox Studios.

In summer 2007 PROFANE OMEN play at summer festivals for the first time, including e.g. Tuska Open Air, Simerock, Pellavarock and Jalometalli Metal Festival.

3rd of October 2007 PROFANE OMEN released “Disconnected” EP, and it hit the 4th position on the Finnish national single chart and the band kept playing shows around Finland and strenghtening its foothold in the Finnish metal scene.

In the beginning of 2009 the second full-lenght album ”Inherit The Void” was released by Metalheim and Playground Music Scandinavia. Inherit The Void hit the Finnish national chart at position 9. and it got praises in reviews in magazines and webzines. The album was once again produced by Ville Sorvali and the band.

After ”Inherit The VoidPROFANE OMEN toured like hell once again, playing over 50 shows in Finland and some in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The band did an acoustic tour in Finland playing some new arrangements of the songs from the bands previous releases, and the public seemed to enjoy PO in a more mellow way too.

2010 PROFANE OMEN signs a deal with Spinefarm Records after departure of the bassist Tomppa Saarenketo. Tomppa left due to lack of motivation towards the band but there was no drama involved, although the band was in a tight spot because of recordings of the third album ”Destroy!” beginning in two months. Luckily, the awesome bassman Antti Seroff was able to own his territory with such a short notice, so ”Destroy!” was successfully recorded, and on this album the band thinks it has finally found the perfect sound.

Destroy!” will be released in Finland 28th of September and worldwide during the fall 2011 via Spinefarm Records, and after the release PROFANE OMEN will tour like hell – once again.

PROFANE OMEN in its current form have done a huge amount of gigs, including huge festivals like Sonisphere, Tuska and Sauna Open Air, but also some really intense small clubs, and that has made the band worth seeing live.

On 2014 PROFANE OMEN released their so far latest album “Reset“.

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Ooka / 2018

  • Album Info
  • 2018
  • Playground Music Finland


Ooka” is the fifth album of Profane Omen.

Reset / 2014

Profane Omen - Reset
  • Album Info
  • 2014
  • Spinefarm Records

1. The Instigator
2. Mind the Trap
3. Trails
4. Intruder
5. Percules
6. Incognito
7. The Ego
8. The Garden
9. Sonic Wings

Destroy! / 2011

Profane Omen - Destroy
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • Spinefarm Records

1. A Force to Be Reckoned With – 2.38
2. Wastehead
3. Predator
4. Feed on the Wasted
5. Escape / Traceless
6. Bad Dreams
7. Acedia
8. Bound to Strive
9. Zombie Riders

Inherit the Void / 2009

Profane Omen - Inherit the Void
  • Album Info
  • 2009
  • Dethrone Music

1. Seconds (Intro)
2. Base
3. Information
4. Superpowertrip
5. I Have Seen
6. Left to Disintegrate
7. In the Middle I Breathe
8. Right to Retaliate
9. Generation Doom (Count Me Out)
10. Dealers of Guilt
11. Dodge

Beaten into Submission / 2006

Profane Omen - Beaten Into Submission
  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • Dethrone Music

1. Intro
2. Adrenaline
3. Painbox
4. FMH (Fuck Me Hollow)
5. Enemies
6. Gunshot/Mindset
7. Rewind
8. Pit of My Thoughts
9. God in a Bottle
10. Damaged Justice


Depends which sources you believe it’s been 4-5 years since their previous release “Reset“. Either way it’s quite a long time for a band between albums especially considering you need

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