STYLE: , ORIGIN: DenmarkFORMED: 1993LABEL: Listenable Records
  • Søren Lønne-Vocals
  • Nils Petersen-Guitars
  • Panzergeneral-Bass
  • Simon Schilling-Drums

Panzerchrist is a Danish blackened death metal band formed in 1993 by Michael Enevoldsen (after he left Illdisposed) and celebrated Danish artist Lasse Hoile.

Panzerchrist recorded a few demos and was signed by Serious Entertainment. Six Seconds Kill was released by Serious Entertainment in 1996, and in 1999, they released Outpost Fort Europa.

In 2000, Panzerchrist was joined by drummer Reno Killerich (ex-Exmortem, Vile, etc.) and Bo Summer (also of Illdisposed) to record Soul Collector, notorious for its WWII theme and German lyrics. Soul Collector was released by Mighty Music in 2000.

In 2002, the band was joined by Frederik O’Carroll and Rasmus Henriksen and begin work on the ultra violent Room Service, which featured compositions even more brutal and fast, including a cover of the Metal Church classic “Metal Church.” Room Service was recorded at Tue Madsen’s “Antfarm Studios” (The HauntedIlldisposedMnemic etc.) and was released by Mighty Music in 2003. The name of each song on the album Room Service are the first word(s) to be sung on each song. Each song on the album Room Service ends with the words “Death, forever panzer“, except the song “Metal Church“, being a cover.

In 2006, Panzerchrist drummer Killerich and Karina Bundgaard, now on keyboards, rejoined for the recording of Battalion Beast, which was released by Neurotic Records in 2006. This album features the words “Christ, thy name is panzer” at the end of each song.

In spring 2008, Panzerchrist vocalist Bo Summer was replaced by a vocalist known only as “Johnny”. In addition, Panzerchrist, which had previously been a studio-only band, planned to appear live.

Panzerchrist featured past and present Members from Danish and Norwegian Bands like Mercenary, Chainfist, Allfader and Illdisposed.


7th Offensive / 2013

Panzerchrist-7th Offensive
  • Album Info
  • 2013
  • Listenable Records

1. Panzer the 7th Offensive
2. Foreign Fields
3. In the Name of Massacration
4. The Stronghold of Hill 666
5. Dogger Dead
6. Mass Attack of the Lycanthrope Legion
7. Kill for Revenge
8. Drone Killing
9. Napalm Alarm
10. Pig Parade

7th Offensive is the seventh album by Danish blackened/death metal band Panzerchrist, released in 2013 on Listenable Records.

Regiment Ragnarok / 2011

Panzerchrist-Regiment Ragnarok
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • Listenable Records

1. Prevail
2. Panzer Regiment Jylland
3. Metal Tribes
4. Impact
5. For the Iron Cross
6. We March as One
7. The Armour of Armageddon
8. Ode to a Cluster Bomb
9. King Tiger
10. Feuersturm
11. Time for the Elite
12. Trenches

Regiment Ragnarok is the sixth album by Danish blackened/death metal band Panzerchrist, released in 2011 on Listenable Records.

Battalion Beast / 2006

Panzerchrist-Battalion Beast
  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • Neurotic Records

1. The Lean Black Cruisers
2. The Gods They Do Not Give Us Long
3. He Is Dead Who Will Not Fight
4. Infants’ Graves
5. Weep No More
6. Flame of the Panzerchrist
7. Lumps of Rotting Clay
8. War in the North
9. The Spirit of Soldiers

Battalion Beast is the fifth album by Danish blackened/death metal band Panzerchrist, released in 2006 on Neurotic Records.

Room Service / 2003

Panzerchrist-Room Service
  • Album Info
  • 2003
  • Mighty Music

1. Tomorrow
2. Creature
3. Lies
4. Suicide
5. At the Grave
6. Death Approaches
7. Metal Church (Metal Church cover)
8. Room Service
9. The Red River
10. Evil

Room Service is the fourth album by Danish blackened/death metal band Panzerchrist, released in 2003 on Mighty Music Records.

Soul Collector / 2000

Panzerchrist-Soul Collector
  • Album Info
  • 2000
  • Mighty Music

1. Das Leben will gewonnen sein
2. Y2Krieg
3. Der Panzertöter
4. Panzergrenadier
5. Schwarz ist unser Panzer (Ich hatt’ einen Kameraden)
6. Unser höchste Ehre
7. Kalt wie der Finsternis
8. Zum Gegenstoss

Soul Collector is the third album by Danish blackened/death metal band Panzerchrist, released in 2000 on Mighty Music Records.

Outpost - Fort Europa / 1999

Panzerchrist-Outpost - Fort Europa
  • Album Info
  • 1999
  • Serious Entertainment

1. Outpost
2. Skin
3. Uranium Angel
4. Fort Europa
5. Burning
6. Killing of the Weak
7. Flesh in the Scent
8. Surrender Is Not an Option

Outpost – Fort Europa is the second album by Danish blackened/death metal band Panzerchrist, released in 1999 on Serious Entertainment.

Six Seconds Kill / 1996

Panzerchrist-Six Seconds Kill
  • Album Info
  • 1996
  • Serious Entertainment

1. Perfect Kill
2. Winterlands
3. Panzer
4. Frontlines
5. Virus
6. Halls of Oblivion
7. Reload
8. Eviscerated Bitch
9. Gunhead
10. Last Supper

Six Seconds Kill is the debut album by Danish blackened death metal band Panzerchrist, released in 1996 on Serious Entertainment.

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