Old Funeral

ORIGIN: NorwayFORMED: 1988LABEL: Soulseller Records
    • Olve Eikemo- Bass, Vocals (1988-1990, 2015)
    • Padde- Drums, Vocals (1988-1992), Drums (2015)
    • Tore- Guitars (1988-1992, 2015)
    • Harald "Demonaz" Nævdal- Guitars (1988-1989)
    • Tyr- Vocals (1988)
    • Kristian Vikernes- Guitars (1989-1991)
    • Thorlak- Bass (1991-1992)
    • Jørn- Guitars (1991-1992)

Old Funeral were a black/death metal band from Bergen, Norway.

Old Funeral were one of the first bands to form in the Norwegian extreme metal scene, formed in 1988. By 1992, the band had already dissolved. Since the breakup, many members (such as Abbath and Demonaz of Immortal, and Varg Vikernes, in Old Funeral as Kristian Vikernes, of Burzum) are now quite famous as members of the early Norwegian black metal scene.

The recordings released during the band’s lifetime are death metal. Their last studio recordings reveal a more black metal-oriented sound. Four songs from those sessions were made available on The Older Ones.

Though notable for containing three famous Norwegian black metal musicians (Vikernes, Abbath and Jørn), none of these members were in the band at the same time (Vikernes and Abbath were in the band together only for a very short time, and never recorded together).

Varg has stated: “You might have noticed the silly name: Old Funeral. In their defense I must say that I think they were originally called just Funeral. Then they found out that another band was called Funeral too, but they had used that name before the other Funeral band, so they changed it to Old Funeral. They were in other words “the old Funeral”, and not Old Funeral, so it is not as stupid as it first seems.” This explanation is however contested by others.

A compilation bootleg was released in 2011 titled “Skin and Bone” featuring their Abduction of Limbs Demo, Devoured Carcass EP, 4 tracks from 1992 and a live performance in Bergen, Norway August 30th, 1991.

Reformed to play a mini-festival hosted by BlekkMetal on November 14th, 2015 in their hometown of Bergen, Norway.


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