STYLE: ORIGIN: FinlandFORMED: 1998LABEL: Haunted Zoo Records
  • Antti Haapanen-Vocals
  • Suvi Uura-Vocals, Piano
  • Ville Lamminaho-Guitars, Mandolin
  • Tuukka Tuomela-Guitars
  • Markus Hirvonen-Guitars
  • Hannu Savolainen-Bass
  • Ilkka Unnbom-Drums

Noumena is a melodic death metal band from Finland. The band’s name comes from the word noumenon, a philosophical term used by Immanuel Kant.

Noumena was founded in Ähtäri, Finland in the spring of 1998. In 1999, after two demo tapes and several concerts, the band was given a record deal with a Singaporean record label. Their debut album was recorded later that year at Astia Studio; however, the record label went bankrupt before the album was released. It wasn’t until late 2001 that an Australian label, Catharsis Records, agreed to release the album, given the title Pride/Fall.

The following years were unproductive, until, in January 2004, Noumena released a four-track promo. This was moderately successful and led to a deal with Spikefarm Records. The band spent the next October and November making their second album, Absence, which was released April 13, 2005. On November 1, 2006 they released “Anatomy of Life” through Spikefarm Records. The album received praise from Metal Maniacs for being, “…another confident step in turning Noumena into Finland’s biggest new export.” Earlier the same year they released the EP “Triumph and Loss” which was only made available online. Currently they have created their own label (Haunted Zoo Production) under which they have launched their album, Death Walks With Me.

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Myrrys / 2017

  • Album Info
  • 2017
  • Haunted Zoo Records

1. Kohtu
2. Metsän viha
3. Kirouksen kantaja
4. Sanat pimeydestä
5. Sanansaattaja
6. Roihu
7. Murhehuone
8. Pedon veri
9. Syvällä vedessä

Myrrys is the fifth full-length album by Finnish melodic death metal band Noumena, released in 2017 on Haunted Zoo Records.

Death Walks with Me / 2013

Noumena-Death Walks With Me
  • Album Info
  • 2013
  • Haunted Zoo Records

1. Handful of Dust
2. Play Dead
3. Sleep
4. Death Walks with Me
5. Let It Run Red
6. The Storm
7. Mysteries of Motion
8. Nothing
9. Only the Silent
10. Season of Suffocation
11. Sundown

Death Walks With Me is the fourth full-length album by Finnish death metal band Noumena, released in 2013 on Haunted Zoo Records.

Anatomy of Life / 2006

Noumena-Anatomy Of Life
  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • Spikefarm Records

1. Misanthropolis
2. Burden of Solacement
3. Retrospection
4. The Burning
5. Monument of Pain
6. Triumph and Loss
7. Marionettes
8. Through the Element
9. Fire and Water

Anatomy Of Life is the third full-length album by Finnish melodic death metal band Noumena, released in 2006 on Spikefarm Records.

Absence / 2005

  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • Spikefarm Records

1. The End of the Century
2. Everlasting Ward
3. The First Drop
4. Slain Memories
5. A Day to Depart
6. Prey of the Tempter
7. Here We Lie
8. All Veiled
9. The Dream and the Escape
10. The Great Anonymous Doom

Absence is the second full-length album by Finnish melodic death metal band Noumena, released in 2005 on Spikefarm Records.

Pride / Fall / 2002

  • Album Info
  • 2002
  • Catharsis Records

1. The Heralds of Fall
2. Unlit
3. You Dance
4. Bleakest Essence
5. Lucid Dreaming
6. Overture to an End
7. King Twisted
8. Innate 13
9. The Doomwatcher
10. Ignifer

Pride/Fall is the debut album by Finnish melodic death metal band Noumena, released in 2002 on Catharsis Records.

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