STYLE: ORIGIN: FinlandFORMED: 1996LABEL: Century Media Records
  • Aleksi Sihvonen - vocals
  • Kristian Ranta - guitar, vocals
  • Jukka Koskinen - bass guitar
  • Tuomas Planman - keyboard
  • Heikki Saari - drums
  • Daniel Freyberg - guitar

NORTHER was originally formed by Kristian Ranta, Jukka Koskinen, Tuomas Planman, Petri Lindroos and Toni Hallio in the year 2000 after various of early stage band formations. The band kicked into gear with its debut release “Dreams of Endless War” through Spinefarm Records in 2002. The first album entered the Finnish charts at position 17, and the response was excellent. The band began playing shows in and around the Helsinki area, and the buzz grew like wildfire. Being prolific songwriters, they almost had an album’s worth of material ready before the debut record was released in every corner of the world. Soon the guys barricaded themselves inside the famous Astia Studio with producer extraordinaire, Anssi Kippo.

The album ‘Mirror of Madness’ came out in early 2003 entering the Finnish charts at position 11. It was a step forward for the band, a logical continuation of the onslaught begun with “Dreams of Endless War”. A step towards a more old-school sound combined with their intense approach to modern death/black metal. After touring with Dimmu Borgir and Hypocrisy in late 2003 the band went back to the studio to record the successor of “Mirror of Madness”. In early 2004, NORTHER released its third full length album “Death Unlimited”. It received very good feedback from the media all around the world. It also hit the Finnish charts for weeks like the previous albums at position 17. “Death Unlimited” was probably the heaviest NORTHER sound so far. The style had also changed into more death metal and atmospheric feelings.

NORTHER played several shows in 2005 and then recorded an EP, “Solution7” to release some unheard material. This piece was recorded at Astia Studio with close friend and Producer Anssi Kippo and was also featured in the official Finnish charts at position 5. This time NORTHER wanted to bring in something new, adding Kristian’s clean vocals for extra spice.

In the summer of 2005, NORTHER headed to Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden (In Flames, Soilwork, Hammerfall, Arch Enemy, Opeth etc.) to record their fourth full length album named “Till Death Unites Us” with producers Fredrik Nordström & Patrick J. Sten. Soon after the recordings of the album Toni Hallio left the band to pursue other interests. It didn’t take long until Heikki Saari was found to take over on drums. After the release in January 2006, “Till Death Unites Us” got an excellent response in Finland hitting the official Finnish charts position 6 and was also praised abroad. It showed rage but also delivered the softest songs in the band’s history.

Later the same year the band composed the theme song (Frozen Angel) for a major Finnish feature film, “V2 – Dead Angel” produced by Solarfilms Inc. The band is also featured in the film. In February 2007 NORTHER released a new EP, ‘No Way Back’, which only came out in Finland and later in Japan. The record immediately hit position number 1 in the Finnish charts.

Later that year the band had great club gigs and festival appearances across Europe (Wacken, Masters of Rock, etc.) while writing new material for their forthcoming album. Early August the guys entered the Astia Studios to record the new album with Anssi Kippo. After a two month session the band played sold out shows in Finland, re-visited Studio Fredman to mix the album and then hit the road again with Amoral & Drone for a European tour.

Finally to crown their achievements, NORTHER signed a new deal with Marquee Avalon and with Century Media Records!So now everything is ready to rock the boat worldwide with their newest release entitled “N” hitting the stores early 2008! NORTHER’s most mature and diverse effort to date. NORTHER is reborn!

Petri Lindroos quit as lead vocalist on 1 February 2009 and was replaced by Aleksi Sihvonen (ex-Imperanon) on 14 April 2009. Their sixth studio album, Circle Regenerated, and was released 19 April 2011.

The band made their final appearance at the Brutal Assault festival in the Czech Republic on 10 August 2012.


Circle Regenerated / 2011

Norther - Circle Regenerated
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • Century Media Records

1. “Through It All”
2. “The Hate I Bear”
3. “Truth”
4. “Some Day”
5. “Break Myself Away”
6. “Believe”
7. “Falling”
8. “We Do Not Care”
9. “The Last Time”
10. “Closing In

Circle Regenerated is the sixth and final full-length studio album by Finnish melodic death metal band Norther. The album was released through Century Media Records on March 30 for Japan, on April 13 for Finland, on April 15 for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Norway, and on April 18 for the rest of Europe. The release for United States followed on April 19 and Australia and New Zealand on April 22. The track “Break Myself Away” was previously released through their website as a free digital download. The album charted at number five on the Official Finnish Chart.

This is the band’s only album to feature Aleksi Sihvonen and Daniel Freyberg as full-members of the band.

N / 2008

Norther - N
  • Album Info
  • 2008
  • Century Media Records

1. “My Antichrist”
2. “Frozen Angel”
3. “Down”
4. “To Hell”
5. “Savior”
6. “Black Gold”
7. “We Rock”
8. “Always & Never”
9. “Tell Me Why”
10. “If You Go”
11. “Self-Righteous Fuck”
12. “Forever and Ever”
Bonus tracks
13.”C.U.S.” (Limited edition bonus track)
14. “No Way Back” (Limited edition bonus track)
15. “Reach Out” (Limited edition bonus track)

N is the fifth full-length studio album by Finnish melodic death metal band Norther. The album was released through Century Media Records on February 13, 2008 for Finland, and other dates in February for other parts of Europe. The track “Frozen Angel” from their previous EP, No Way Back, was re-recorded for the album. “We Rock” and “Frozen Angel” have been made into music videos. This is also the last Norther album to have founding member Petri Lindroos on vocal and guitar duties.

Till Death Unites Us / 2006

Norther - Till Death Unites Us
  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • Spinefarm Records

1. “Throwing My Life Away
2. “Drowning”
3. “Norther”
4. “Everything”
5. “Evil Ladies”
6. “Omen”
7. “Scream”
8. “Fuck You”
9. “Alone In the End”
10. “Die” 
11. “Wasted Years”
12. “The End of Our Lives”

Till Death Unites Us is the fourth full-length studio album by the Finnish melodic death metal band Norther. It was released on 25 January 2006 through Spinefarm Records. The album has no cover song, while most other Norther releases include such a song; this release marks their first studio album to not include a cover song. The song “Scream” was released as a CD single.

Death Unlimited / 2004

  • Album Info
  • 2004
  • Spinefarm Records

1. “Nightfall”
2. “Deep Inside”
3. “Death Unlimited”
4. “Chasm”
5. “Vain”
6. “A Fallen Star”
7. “The Cure”
8. “Day of Redemption”
9. “Beneath”
10. “Hollow”
11. “Nothing”
12. “Going Nowhere”
13. “Tornado of Souls” (Megadeth cover, Japanese bonus track)

Death Unlimited (with Faux Cyrillic and Capitals: DEДTH UИLІMITED) is the third full-length studio album by the Finnish melodic death metal band Norther. It was released on March 3, 2004 through Spinefarm Records. The Japanese release of Death Unlimitedand the Spreading Death CD single features a cover song, “Tornado of Souls” by Megadeth. The song; “Death Unlimited” is featured on the Spreading Death CD single and its video on the DVD single.

Mirror Of Madness / 2003

  • Album Info
  • 2003
  • Spinefarm Records

1. “Blackhearted”
2. “Betrayed”
3. “Of Darkness and Light”
4. “Midnight Walker”
5. “Cry”
6. “Everything Is an End”
7. “Unleash Hell”
8. “Dead”
9. “Mirror of Madness”
10. “Frozen Sky” (Japanese Bonus Track)
11. “Smash” (The Offspring Cover) (Japanese Bonus Track)

Mirror of Madness is the second full-length studio album by the Finnish melodic death metal band Norther, released on July 12, 2003 by Spinefarm Records. This album features a cover song, “Smash” by punk rock band The Offspring. It also includes the “Mirror of Madness” video but only in the U.S.. The bonus tracks, “Frozen Sky” and “Smash” covers, are only for the Japanese version of the album.

The song “Unleash Hell” was released as a single.

Dreams Of Endless War / 2002

Norther - Dreams Of Endless War
  • Album Info
  • 2002
  • Spinefarm Records

1. “Darkest Time”
2. “Last Breath”
3. “Released”
4. “Endless War”
5. “Dream”
6. “Victorious One”
7. “Nothing Left”
8. “The Last Night”
9. “Final Countdown” (Europe cover)
10. “Youth Gone Wild” (Skid Row cover Japanese Bonus Track)

Dreams of Endless War is the debut album by the Finnish melodic death metal band Norther.
It was released on 18 July 2002 by Spinefarm Records. The songs; “Victorious One” and “Endless War” are demo songs from Warlord, while the song “Warlord” from the demo was renamed as “Endless War” and are identical tracks. “Released” was released as a single and made into a music video.

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