STYLE: , ORIGIN: FinlandFORMED: 2001LABEL: Katra
  • Theon McInsane - Vocals
  • Vivian Sin'Amor - Guitar
  • Sammy Black - Guitar
  • Christian - Keyboards
  • Julian Drain - Drums
  • Jason - Bass

Lovex is a rock band from Tampere, Finland.

Lovex started officially in 2001–2002, when several members and one former member, who had previously played in other bands, decided to start their own band to play rock music and have fun. As of 2004 they have written and recorded a number of songs, and then received a record deal with EMI Finland. In August 2005 saw the release of their first hit, “Bleeding,”. Their second single, “Guardian Angel,” was released in January 2006 and became a huge hit in Finland. The band’s first album, Divine Insanity, was also released in March 2006. In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the single Guardian Angel was released on 5 January 2007, and album was released on 16 February 2007. Lovex released their album in Japan on 17 September 2007. Lovex gave a successful performance in the Eurovision song contest 2007 with their song Anyone, Anymore.

In January 2010, Lovex uploaded a demo called Marble Walls on their Myspace, off their upcoming third album. In the summer of 2010, Lovex started recording their third album, Watch Out!. On October 8, Vivian announced via Facebook that the album was ready, and all that needed to be done was the album cover. In early 2011, Lovex announced that Watch Out!’s release date was May 11. On April 5, the cover of Watch Out! was released. On April 14, Lovex released the video for “Slave For the Glory”. Finally, on 11 May 2011, Lovex’s third album, “Watch Out!” was released, and on the same day, the second single off the album came out, entitled, “U.S.A.” The video for “U.S.A.” was shot in the U.S. and in Finland. The video was released on 7 June 2011. In October 2011, the third single “Watch Out!” from the album of the same name was released.


State Of Mind / 2013

  • Album Info
  • 2013
  • Jiffel Music Oy

Watch Out! / 2011

  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • EMI

1. Queen of the Night
2. U.S.A.
3. Slave For The Glory
4. Time Of Your Life
5. Watch Out!
6. 15 Minutes
7. Crash My World
8. Worlds Collide
9. One
10. Marble Walls

Watch Out is Lovex’s album released by EMI in Germany, the biggest music market in Europe. Album consist of ten songs which are written by: Christian, Theon, Vivian Sin’amor, M. Kaxe and Sammy Black. They have some new style of lyrics and playing. They also recorded new videos for songs: “U.S.A” and “Slave For The Glory”. In “The Mill Sessions” they were performing “Marble Walls” and “Slave For The Glory”.

Japanese edition bonus tracks

1. U.S.A. feat. Miyavi
2. Without a Cause
3. Slave for the Glory (acoustic version)

Pretend or Surrender / 2008

  • Album Info
  • 2008
  • EMI and Gun Records
  1. “If She’s Near”
  2. “Turn”
  3. “Take A Shot”
  4. “Different Light”
  5. “Writings On The Wall”
  6. “Time And Time Again”
  7. “Belong To No One”
  8. “My Isolation”
  9. “Rid Of Me”
  10. “Ordinary Day”
  11. “End Of The World”
  12. “End Of The World (Outro)

There is also “Save Me” and “Love and Lust” on the Limited Edition of Pretend Or Surrender.

Pretend Or Surrender is Finnish band Lovex’s second studio album released on 30.04.2008 in Finland. Album contains for example the song Take A Shot.

Divine Insanity / 2006

  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • EMI
  1. “Bullet For The Pain” (Music & Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.31
  2. “Guardian Angel” (Music & Lyrics by Lovex & Janne) – 3.54
  3. “Oh How The Mighty Fall” (Music and Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.26
  4. “Remorse” (Music & Lyrics by Lovex) – 4.36
  5. “Bleeding” (Music by Lovex & Jussi, Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.46
  6. “Wounds” (Music and Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.54
  7. “Die A Little More” (Music by Lovex & Jussi, Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.25
  8. “On The Sidelines” (Music and Lyrics by Lovex) – 4.10
  9. “Halfway” (Music and Lyrics by Lovex) – 4.03
  10. “Divine Insanity” (Music and Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.59
  11. “Sleeptight” (Music and Lyrics by Lovex) – 1.49

Divine Insanity is Finnish band Lovex’s first album, released in 2006. Album contains example song Guardian Angel.

Divine Insanity has sold gold in Finland and has got to lists in Germany, too. Special Edition of the album was released in Finland in 8 November 2006, and International Version was released in Germany in 16 January, in Finland in 21 January and in Japan in 19 September 2007.

Bonus songs of Special Edition 

  1. “Shout” (Music and Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.58
  2. “Heart of Stone (demo 2004)” (Music and Lyrics by Lovex) – 4.56
  3. “Guardian Angel (demo 2004)” (Music and Lyrics by Lovex & Janne) – 3.57
  4. “Yours” (Music by Lovex & Jussi S., Lyrics by Lovex) – 5.07
  5. “Runaway (live(cover, original version by Bon Jovi))” (Music and Lyrics by Bon Jovi & George Karakoglou) – 4.05
  6. “Die A Little More (live)” (Music by Lovex & Jussi, Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.28
  7. “Bullet For The Pain (live)” (Music and Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.42
  8. “Bullet For The Pain (video)” (Nelivetotuotanto / Director Jan-Niclas Jansson)
  9. “Guardian Angel (video)” (Nitro / Director Tuomas “Stobe” Harju)

Live-songs recorded at Espoo, Finland in 9.7.2006 by Marko Tetri and Henkka Wirsell.

International Version’s bonus songs 

  1. “Anyone, Anymore” (Music & Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.00
  2. “Shout” (Music & Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.58
  3. “Yours” (Music by Lovex & Jussi S., Lyrics by Lovex) – 5.07

International Version DOESN’T contain the songs On The Sidelines and Sleeptight.

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