STYLE: ORIGIN: FinlandFORMED: 2013LABEL: Noble Demon
  • Suvimarja Halmetoja - Vocals, keyboards
  • Niko Kalliojärvi - Guitars, vocals
  • Mikki Rousi - Bass
  • Heikki Malmberg - Drums

Progressive Aggressive Metal from Espoo, Finland. Humavoid combines heavy polyrhythmic grooves with rich & unexpected harmony. With influences ranging from extreme metal to modern pianism and jazz fusion, Humavoid combines heavy polyrhythmic grooves with rich harmony. Together with vocals altering between the crystal clear lines of vocalist/pianist Suvimarja Halmetoja and the trademark growl of guitarist/vocalist Niko Kalliojärvi (Amoral, ex-Tracedawn), the dynamic standard is set. The band’s focus is on songs that are hard-hitting and cohesive, despite the underlying complexity of the genre.

The fact that their 2015 ‘Glass‘ EP gave the band “album of the week” status in the Finnish webzine and “band of the month” feature in Inferno Magazine (the #1 native magazine specialized in metal) among other praising and – most of all – fascinated reviews speak for themselves. Humavoid is at home with the challenging task of molding complex and catchy music into one distinguishable sound. The band’s focus is on songs that are hard-hitting and cohesive, despite the underlying complexity of the genre.

In support of ‘Coma Horizon‘, the band also released a self-produced music video – something that has become a sort of habit along the way. Not necessarily a bad one though, as their previous video (Glass) hit the 100 000 view mark in less than 6 months (currently +250 000 views) on the Metal Monks YouTube channel.

As of 2018, the band has teamed up with Heikki Malmberg (Diablo) – one of the most technically proficient drummers around – for a full length release. The band is currently shifting from pre-producion phase towards recording the album.


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Lidless / 2020

Humavoid - Lidless
  • Album Info
  • 2020
  • Noble Demon

01. Fortune For Demise
02. Lidless
03. Aluminum Rain
04. Inside 1
05. Matter
06. What You Hide
07. Inside 2
08. The Breathing Method
09. Undercurrent
10. Drywall Cracks

Take a deep breath before these progressive-aggressive Finns take you on a rollercoaster of sophisticated madness. Backing their dual scream attack with a multidimensional hybrid of down tuned high tech guitar riffs and jazz fusion piano licks, HUMAVOID delivers a blistering and unpredictable blend of prog metal that effortlessly shifts from chaotic beating to contagious refrains and back.

Faster Forward / 2014

Humavoid - Faster Forward
  • Album Info
  • 2014
  • Self-Released



Humavoid‘s debut, full-length album.

1. Casket On Rails
2. Faster Forward
3. Balloon People
4. The Row
5. Yellow Steps
6. Visitors After Dark
7. Siberian Chase


I wouldn’t normally start a review like this but with Humavoid I kinda feel obligated of doing so because in any way is this review going to be an easy

September 9, 2020 by Tero Tolkki
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