God Macabre

God Macabre
  • Artist Info
  • 1991
  • Relapse Records
  • Sweden
    • Per Boder - Vocals
    • Ola Sjöberg - Guitars
    • Jonas Stålhammar - Guitars
    • Björn Larsson - Bass
    • Tobias Gustafsson - Drums

God Macabre is a Swedish death metal band. They were formed in the winter of 1988 as a grindcore band named Botten På Burken. In 1989, they switched to playing death metal and changed their name to Macabre End. Jonas Stålhammar joined the band in the spring of 1990 and took over most of the songwriting (music). They released a demo in September 1990 titled Consumed by Darkness which turned into an underground hit. Thereafter they changed their name once again to God Macabre. In 1992, the band split up, after Johansson and Nilsson had left the band in 1991, and no suitable replacements could be found. Boder and Sjöberg formed the band Snake Machine which evolved into Space Probe Taurus. After the split-up, the only album recorded was released – The Winterlong…. The album was re-issued in 2002 with the demo as bonus tracks by Relapse Records. In March 2008, the Relapse version of the album was also released on vinyl for the first time by the Swedish label Bloodharvest Records. May 2014 saw a 2nd re-release of “The Winterlong” by Relapse Records this time with added bonus track “Life’s Verge“, an old song from 1991 that was never recorded until now.

2013 would see the return of God Macabre, along with their first ever US show in 2014 at Maryland Deathfest.

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