Eternal Lies

Eternal Lies
  • Artist Info
  • 1998
  • Chaos Records
  • Sweden
    • Tommy Grönberg-Vocals
    • Björn Johansson-Guitars
    • Erik Månsson-Guitars
    • Conny Pettersson-Drums
    • Martin Karlsson-Bass

Eternal Lies was founded in 1998 by Bjorn Johansson and Conny Petterson. In 1999, they completed the line-up and began working on a demo recording.

In December 2000, after the split with guitarist Jocke, they recorded their demo at Studiomega and obtained big attention from media and fanzines (best demo for Aug-Sept 2001 for metal magazine “Close-Up”).

In 2001, the band signed a record deal for 4 albums with Arctic Music Group and recorded the debut release in the winter of that same year.

In 2002, another line-up change took place : Martin Karlsson (bass) left the band and was replaced by Marcus Wesslen from Aggressive Serpent, who brought with him the second guitarist.

2002 would see the release of their debut album,”Spiritual Deception“, an underrated classic following in the steps of their contemporaries like EucharistIn Thy Dreams, and Ablaze My Sorrow.

Following a reunion show in 2015, Eternal Lies has revealed that songs for a second full-length have been recorded, and will finally see the light of day in May 2018, 16 years after their debut, along with songs written for a third full-length.

Albums by Eternal Lies