STYLE: , ORIGIN: SwedenFORMED: 2007LABEL: Spinefarm Records
  • Nils Molin - vocals
  • Rob Love Magnusson - guitars
  • Mike Lavér - guitars
  • George Egg - drums
  • Jonathan Olsson - bass

Dynazty is a Swedish rock band from Stockholm, Sweden signed to Spinefarm Records.

The band was established by Love Magnusson and John Berg in 2007. Soon members Georg Härnsten Egg and Joel Fox Apelgren joined in. After a few gigs with various vocalist, they found the singer and frontman Nils Molin through Myspace in Spring of 2008. Since then, Dynazty has released five full-length albums and has toured in Sweden and internationally.

The band took part in Melodifestivalen (Swedish elimination to the Eurovision Song Contest) in 2011 with the song “This Is My Life”, a metal cover of the previous winner (Melodifestivalen 2010) Anna Bergendahl. The band also competed in Melodifestivalen one year later in 2012 with the song “Land of Broken Dreams” in the fourth round in Malmö on 25 February 2012. The song went on to “second chance” round but failed to make it to the Final 10.

The band released its third album “Sultans of Sin” on 29 February 2012. According to the bassist of the band, Joel Fox Apelgren, the album was produced by well-known musician and producer – Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy) and they have also co-written one song with Chris Laney and one song with Nicke Borg (Backyard Babies).

In 2013, Dynazty signs a record deal with Spinefarm Records for their fourth studio album “Renatus”. Currently the band is working on its sixth studio album.

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The Dark Delight / 2020

Dynazty - The Dark Delight
  • Album Info
  • 2020
  • AFM Records

1. Presence of Mind
2. Paradise of the Architect
3. The Black
4. From Sound to Silence (Feat. GG6)
5. Hologram
6. Heartless Madness
7. Waterfall
8. Threading the Needle
9. The Man and the Elements
10. Apex
11. The Road to Redemption
12. The Dark Delight
13. The Shoulder Devil (bonus track)

“The Dark Delight” is the seventh full-length album by Swedish hard rock/power metal band DYNAZTY. The album was released on April 3, 2020, and it is their second release with the German record label AFM Records.

Firesign / 2018

  • Album Info
  • 2018
  • AFM Records

Firesign is sixt full-length album by Swedish hard rock band Dynazty. The album was released on September 28th 2018 and is a first record which was released via German record label: AFM Records. Album consist of eleven songs.

1.  Breath With Me

2. The Grey

3. In the Arms of a Devil

4. My Darkest Hour

5. Ascension

6. Firesign

7. Closing Doors

8. Follow Me

9. Let Me Dream Forever

10. Starfall

11. The Light Inside the Tunnel

Titanic Mass / 2016

Dynazty + Titanic Mass
  • Album Info
  • 2016
  • Spinefarm Records

Titanic Mass is the fifth studio album by Swedish hard rock band – Dynazty. The album was released on April 22nd 2016 via Finnish record label Spinefarm Records.


1. The Human Paradox

2. Untamer of Your Soul

3. Roar of the Underdog

4. Titanic Mass

5. Keys to Paradise

6. I Want to Live Forever

7. The Beast Inside

8. Break into the Wild

9. Crack in the Shell

10. Free Man’s Anthem

11. The Smoking Gun

Renatus / 2014

Dynazty - Renatus
  • Album Info
  • 2014
  • Spinefarm Records

Renatus is the fourth studio album by the Swedish hard rock band Dynazty. The album shows a totally radical change in the sound of the band, where they leave the hard rock and embodied in a sound heavy metal with rapid and severe riffs, and flirtations with the power metal. The name means “rebirth” in Latin and describes a new phase of the band. It is also a remarkable change in their line up member, bassist Joel Fox Apelgren was replaced by Jonathan Olsson and a recent change of label, StormVox Records for the Spinefarm Records.

1. Cross The Line
2. Starlight
3. Dawn Of Your Creation
4. The Northern End
5. Incarnation
6. Run Amok
7. Unholy Deterrent
8. Sunrise In Hell
9. Salvation
10. A Divine Comedy

Sultans of Sin / 2012

Dynazty - Sultans of Sin
  • Album Info
  • 2012
  • SoFo Records

Sultans of Sin is third studio album by Swedish hard rock band – Dynazty. The album was produced by one of the greatest Swedish musicians and producers – Peter Tägtgren, who is best known as the founder and frontman of Hypocrisy and Pain.


1. Come Alive

2. Raise Your Hands

3. Land of Broken Dreams

4. Falling

5. More than a Man

6. Love Junkie

7. The One to Blame

8. Back Again

9. Bastards of Rock & Roll

10. Sultans of Sin

Knock You Down / 2011

Dynazty - Knock You Down
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • StormVox Records

Knock You Down is the second album from Swedish hard rock band Dynazty. The band released album after signing a contract with StormVox Records, which reached place 21th on the Swedish charts. The album features heavy metal elements.


1. Sleeping With The Enemy

2. New Sensation

3. The Devil’s Playground

4. Hunger For Love

5. Get It On

6. Knock You Down

7. Mr. Money

8. Wild Nights

9. Brand New Day

10. Throne Of China

11. The Great Delusion



Bring the Thunder / 2009

Dynazty - Bring the Thunder
  • Album Info
  • 2009
  • Perris Records

Bring the Thunder is the debut album by Swedish hard rock band – Dynazty. The album was produced by Chris Laney and released in 2009 via Perris Records.


1. Bring the Thunder

2. Catch the Night

3. Lights Out (In Candyland)

4. Far Away

5. Top of the Line

6. Monkey Wants Monkey Needs

7. Adrenaline

8. Take Me Down

9. Devil’s Shake

10. Higher N’ Higher

11. Sail Away (bonus track)


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