STYLE: ORIGIN: NorwayFORMED: 2009LABEL: Industrial Silence Production
  • Frode Gaustad - Drums
  • Roy Mathisen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Synths
  • Luis F Vilches - Guitar
  • Marius L. Fimland - Guitar

The majority would agree that progress and evolution are the main force in life. This could be applied to many areas. It happens that people though remain bonded to youthful ideals, while others are constantly searching for new forms of expression.

DOMINANZ is a modern and hellishly powerful band hailing from Norway, a land with tradition in extremity in it’s music styles. Therefor this band could be no exception, only Dominanz have enriched their sound even more. Basically the band members come from the Black Metal scene, (Hades Almigty, ex: Immortal, Taake, Thy Grief) and this is obvious in the way of singing, but also in the style of music. Adding some atmospheric and Gothic stuff, along with various industrial elements here and there, they created an album that moves in more than just a dimension. The music is aggressive and groovy, and creates a very sick atmosphere!

In late 2010, DOMINANZ released “The End of All There Is”, being also the title track of Dominanz’s first single (featuring the song “Infinity” too), which was released on October 25th 2010. One year later, (August 2011) Dominanz released the critically acclaimed album “As I Shine”.

Three years went since Dominanz released their critically acclaimed debut, “As I Shine”. Then it was time for Dominanz’s second album – a darker and definitely stronger one – “Noxious” (November 2014).

Dominanz from the Scandinavian extreme metal capital, Bergen, brings forth darker visions on their second album. The contributions of guest vocalists Abbath (Immortal), Olav Iversen (Sagh) and Doro Korsvold (Fairy) makes the music even more eclectic and varied. The atmosphere has become creepier, more agressive and blackish. It’s dark, gloomy and destructive, but the catchy phrases of Dominanz will still be there. We welcome you all to explore the dark path of Dominanz.


Let The Death Enter / 2019

  • Album Info
  • 2019
  • Mighty Music

Noxious / 2014

Dominanz - Noxious
  • Album Info
  • 2014
  • Industrial Silence Productions

1. Embraced by Malice

2. Discipline 

3. Dream of Fire 

4. Salvation 

5. Devoured by the Black Hole 

6. Divine Ignorance 

7. Servile Lackeys 

8. You Shall Sire 

9. Noxious 


Noxious is a second full-length album by Norwegian industrial black metal band Dominanz. Album was released in 2014 via Industrial Silence Productions.

As I Shine / 2011

Dominanz - As I Shine
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • Industrial Silence Productions



1. Infinity

2. Agony and Domination 

3. As I Shine 

4. Eternal Sin 

5. Abusos 

6. The Philanthropic 

7. Last Day of Your Life 

8. Man on Top 

9. From Skin to Heart 

10. The End of All There Is 

As I Shine is a debut full-length album of Norwegian industrial black metal band Dominanz. Album was released via Industrial Silence Productions.


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