STYLE: , ORIGIN: SwedenFORMED: 1989LABEL: Black Horizon Music
  • Jon Nödtveidt
  • Set Teitan
  • Tomas Asklund

Dissection was a Swedish extreme metal band from Strömstad, formed in 1989 by guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter Jon Nödtveidt and bass guitarist Peter Palmdahl. Despite a number of lineup changes, Dissection released The Somberlain in 1993 and Storm of the Light’s Bane in 1995, before splitting up in 1997 due to Nödtveidt’s imprisonment for complicity in the murder of Josef Meddour.

After his release, Nödtveidt reformed the band in 2004 with new members whom he felt could “stand behind and live up to the demands of Dissection’s Satanic concept.” They released their third and final full-length album Reinkaos in April 2006, before disbanding that June. Nödtveidt said he had “reached the limitations of music as a tool for expressing what I want to express, for myself and the handful of others that I care about.” Two months later, Nödtveidt committed suicide with a gun inside a circle of lit candles in his apartment in Hässelby.

Dissection released a number of live albums and EPs before its final dissolution, and played a central role in the development of Sweden’s black metal and death metal scenes, particularly through the influence of the first two albums; it has sometimes been described as part of the Gothenburg scene.


Reinkaos / 2006

Dissection - Reinkaos
  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • Black Horizon

1. Nexion 218

2. Beyond the Horizon

3. Starless Aeon

4. Black Dragon

5. Dark Mother Divine

6. Xeper-i-Set

7. Chaosophia

8. God of Forbidden Light

9. Reinkaos (instrumental)

10. Internal Fire

11. Maha Kali


Reinkaos (stylised as REINKAΩS) is the third and final studio album by Swedish black/melodic death metal band Dissection. The album was released through the band’s own label Black Horizon Music, which they had formed “out of the need of taking charge of our own business and making things our own way, without compromise”. Reinkaos is also available as autographed limited first edition: CD packed in exclusive embossed slipcase, limited to 1,001 hand-numbered copies signed by the band members; including the music video for “Starless Aeon” and a sticker.

Storm of the Light's Bane / 1995

Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane
  • Album Info
  • 1995
  • Nuclear Blast

1. At the Fathomless Depths

2. Night’s Blood

3. Unhallowed

4. Where Dead Angels Lie

5. Retribution – Storm of the Light’s Bane

6. Thorns of Crimson Death

7. Soulreaper

8. No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep


Storm of the Light’s Bane is the second full-length album by the Swedish black metal band Dissection. The album was released on November 17, 1995 by Nuclear Blast Records. This would be the band’s last full-length album before Nödtveidt’s 1997 incarceration for the felony murder of Josef ben Meddour. It would not be until 2006 that they would release their third and final album Reinkaos, which was followed by Jon Nödtveidt’s suicide and the breakup of the band.  The album is widely considered a masterpiece and one of the best black metal albums ever written. It has had significant influence on the development of extreme metal, inspiring many bands such as Watain, whose frontman played bass live with the band during their final shows.

The Somberlain / 1993

Dissection - The Somberlain
  • Album Info
  • 1993
  • No Fashion

1. Black Horizons

2. The Somberlain

3. Crimson Towers

4. A Land Forlorn

5. Heaven’s Damnation

6. Frozen

7. Into Infinite Obscurity

8. In the Cold Winds of Nowhere

9. The Grief Prophecy/Shadows over a Lost Kingdom

10. Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow

11. Feathers Fell


The Somberlain is the debut album by Swedish black metal band Dissection, released on December 3, 1993. It proved to be a highly influential release for both black metal and melodic death metal. The band dedicated the album to Euronymous, who had been murdered in August the same year. This is the only album that features the band’s original lineup. The artwork was created by Kristian ‘Necrolord’ Wåhlin. The album was composed and arranged between 1989 and 1993, and was recorded between March 1st and 6th of 1993.

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