STYLE: ORIGIN: SwedenFORMED: 1995LABEL: Hardnoise Inc
  • Kristian Wåhlin-Vocals, Guitars
  • Johan Österberg-Guitars
  • Christian Carlsson-Bass
  • Hans Nilsson-Drums

Diabolique is a Swedish gothic metal band, formed in 1995 after the dissolution of Liers in Wait. The group is heavily influenced by The Sisters of Mercy, Black Sabbath, and Fields of the Nephilim, and in sound are similar to the styles of CharonTiamat, Moonspell, and Type O Negative.

The band’s current and former line-up has consisted of many musicians from progenital Gothenburg melodic death metal bands; Kristian Wåhlin, Johan Osterberg, and Alf Svensson were in Grotesque (a predecessor of At The Gates, who Alf would eventually join); and Daniel Svensson briefly played drums with the group before going on to major success with In Flames.

The band’s most recent release was The Green Goddess (2001). Various sources differ as to band’s status. However, Hans Nilsson’s full-time involvement with Dimension Zero and Wåhlin’s extensive contributions as an album cover artist and musician for other Scandinavian-area extreme metal bands may be attributable to the long period of no activity. In its official website, though, it is stated that: “After the mixing of “The Green Goddess” was done in November of 1999 the band immediately started writing new songs. Due to the huge amount of material being written the band decided the right thing would be to record two albums. In June 2000, the band hit the studio again to record 22 songs. This project dragged for some time and after a couple of weeks of recording during the summer and autumn of 2000, the rest of the work was postponed to 2001. Even though a rough mix was made in September 2001, the recording was never properly finished. This was what effectively killed the band at this point and led to a break on an indefinite basis.”


The Green Goddess / 2001

Diabolique-The Green Goddess
  • Album Info
  • 2001
  • Necropolis Records

1. On Through the Night
2. Remedy
3. Innuendo
4. White Nights, Blue Lights
5. Models
6. Winterblue
7. All for You
8. Elysée
9. Snowblind
10. Substancer (Empress of Flowers)

The Green Goddess is the third, and final album by Swedish gothic metal band Diabolique, released in 2001 on Necropolis Records. Diabolique would go on hiatus after this. Despite the promise of a follow-up, the band members’ responsibilities in other projects put a halt to this. 

The Black Flower / 1999

Diabolique-The Black Flower
  • Album Info
  • 1999
  • Black Sun Records

1. Catholic
2. Dark Rivers of the Heart
3. Absinthe
4. And Deepest Sadness
5. Yesmine
6. Eternal Summer
7. Cannula
8. Morphine
9. A Golden Girl from Somewhere
10. Silver
11. Play in the Dark

The Black Flower is the second full-length album by Swedish gothic metal band Diabolique, released in 1999 on Black Sun Records. 

Wedding the Grotesque / 1997

Diabolique-Wedding the Grotesque
  • Album Info
  • 1997
  • Black Sun Records

1. Dark Man
2. Shaven Angel Forms
3. Blood of Summer
4. Sacrificial Highway
5. The Unchaste Bittersweet
6. Sorrows Piercing Art
7. The Smiling Black
8. Beggar Whipped in Wine
9. The Diabolique

Wedding The Grotesque is the debut album by Swedish gothic metal band Diabolique, released in 1997 on Black Sun Records. 

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