STYLE: ORIGIN: SwedenFORMED: 1993LABEL: Osmose Records
  • Jonas Kjellgren-Vocals
  • Mattias Norrman-Guitars
  • Johan Jansson-Guitars
  • Daniel Ekeroth-Bass
  • Kennet Englund-Drums

The members of Dellamorte participates in creating the Swedish Death Metal scene in bands like Hatred, Uncanny, Beyond, Asocial and Uncurbed. The devastating machine of Dellamorte is starting to grow…

Johan turns down an offer to join Dismember, to concentrate on the band who would later become DellamorteInterment. The focus was brutal, fast and crushing Death Metal. Two incredible brutal demos is the legacy of this fantastic band. But still better thing was yet to come…

After a short period under the name Moondark, Interment is transformed into Dellamorte. The formerly style was preserved, with a good dose of raw riffing in the Motörhead-school added to their masterplan. Now the march was on… Johan was also guitarist in Fulmination ’94, but beside he started to make the first Dellamorte songs.

The demo “Drunk In The Abyss” is recorded in Studio Abyss, and it immediately leads to a contract with Finn Records. This “impossible to find” release stirred up quite a fuss in the underground scene in Sweden and received very good reviews everywhere. There is a feeling in the air that something big is going to happen…

Dellamorte enters the Abyss Studio again, and records their blistering debut “Everything You Hate” in just 4 days! This adrenaline-full record really sat the standard for brutal music to come, and blew some life into the sleepy Swedish Death Metal scene. Dellamorte takes their position as the most important underground band in Sweden, and a bigger record deal is just around the corner…

The 7″ single “Dirty” was released on Yellow Dog, and soon led to a contract with Osmose Productions. Immediately Dellamorte hit the Studio Abyss again to put on tape the “Uglier & More Disgusting” album. This massive release was followed by loads of top-reviews and interviews, as well as participating on the mighty “World Domination Tour” together with Enslaved and Dark Tranquillity. This mighty tour proved that Dellamorte was indeed as brutal and dirty live as on record!

Dellamorte can be seen and heard on the live-CD and Video “World Domination Live”, and bring their Death Metal rocking mayhem into your living room! Dellamorte also performs regularly in Sweden with bands like Dismember and Edge Of Sanity. In August, the now familiar Studio Abyss is taken in possession again, and the album “Home Sweet Hell” was finished.

And now the gates to your own personal hell is about to open again, because Dellamorte is back to tear your soul apart! “Home Sweet Hell” is by far their most aggressive and brutal release to date and is surely to please any follower of brutal music. Still the album contains an amazing amount of catchy riffing and grooviness. In short: if you consider yourself to be raw and brutal, this album is a must have!!!

After “Home Sweet Hell” is was time for us to leave Osmose and looking for a new label. Dellamorte has already recorded a 4 track promo CD in Jonas’ own studio, Black Lounge, for sending it to other labels. It was be released as a 7″ for Elderberry Rec (Swe). Kennet was back behind the drums this time and we decided to let Sonny go from the band.

Danny was in the famous competition and tv-soap “Baren” where Dellamorte also did a great performance. Daniel was one of the two finalists in the final, sadly he didn’t won.

Dellamorte goes on the slow engine. The “Fuck Me Satan” Ep was released. Still out of a label and hard to rehearsal. In March, Dellamorte played in Karlstad with Vomitory. This would mark the end of Dellamorte‘s story.



Home Sweet Hell... / 1999

Dellamorte-Home Sweet Hell...
  • Album Info
  • 1999
  • Osmose Records

1. Heart of Darkness
2. Dellamortesque
3. Fucked
4. Home Sweet Hell
5. Into the Fire
6. The Tombs of My Fear
7. Supercharged
8. Strategies of Humanity
9. Bones
10. Faustian Soul
11. The Deathking
12. Motorkill
13. The Zoo
14. Rapes of Wrath

Home Sweet Hell.. is the third, and final album by Swedish death metal band Dellamorte, released in 1999 on Osmose Records. 

Uglier and More Disgusting / 1997

Dellamorte-Uglier and More Disgusting
  • Album Info
  • 1997
  • Osmose Records

1. Uglier and More Disgusting
2. Sex Machine
3. Miss Lords
4. Corpses
5. The Lies
6. Fallen Angel Crashes Dead
7. Dirty
8. Plug Me In
9. Wretched
10. As Much as You Hurt Me
11. 666 and Pentagrams
12. So Many Reasons

Uglier And More Disgusting is the second full-length album by Swedish death metal band Dellamorte, released in 1997 on Osmose Records. 

Everything You Hate / 1996

Dellamorte-Everything You Hate
  • Album Info
  • 1996
  • Finn-Records

1. Total Agony
2. Break the Limits
3. Fuck Off
4. Pieces
5. Empty
6. No Shit
7. In a Box
8. In Your Face
9. Never Bleed
10. Gotta’ Explode
11. Monster
12. Syringe Kiss

Everything You Hate is the debut album by Swedish death metal band Dellamorte, released in 1996 on Finn-Records. 

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