STYLE: , , ORIGIN: NorwayFORMED: 1989LABEL: Conception Sound Factory
  • Roy Khan - vocals
  • Tore Østby - guitars
  • Ingar Amlien - bass
  • Arve Heimdal - drums

CONCEPTION was formed in Norway in 1989 by guitarist Tore Østby, singer Dag Østby, drummer Werner Skogli and bassist Freddy Samsonstuen. The following year, Arve Heimdal replaced Werner Skogli and Ingar Amlien replaced Freddy Samsonstuen, not long after the band recorded their first demo tape. A few months later, Dag Østby quit, and the band began auditioning new singers, eventually settling on Roy Khan, an classically trained opera singer from Elverum. During early concerts, Khan famously had to wear a wig because he did not feel comfortable with having the longer hair associated with the genre. The band also hired keyboard player Hans Gjestvang soon after, who was eventually replaced by Trond Nagell-Dahl in 1994. After failing to secure a record deal, the band formed their own label, CSF Records, and recorded their first album, The Last Sunset, in a home studio. Following it’s 1991 release, however, the band was discovered and signed by German label Noise Records in 1993, where they recorded their second album Parallel Minds, released the same year. The following year Noise also reissued their debut album. In 1995, the band released their third album, In Your Multitude and their fourth and final album, Flow, in 1997.

The band was characterized by a unique sound in the power/progressive metal genre, notable for Østby‘s occasional integration of elements of flamenco (which he would continue in his later work with Ark) and Khan‘s unique, operatic vocals.

Breakup and reunion

CONCEPTION disbanded in 1998, after Roy Khan was invited to join American symphonic power metal band Kamelot as their new lead singer. He went on to release several albums with the band, before departing in 2010 due to health issues, and retiring from music indefinitely. Østby devoted his focus to Ark, a progressive metal band he had formed in 1990 along with Jørn Lande and John Macaluso. They disbanded in 2002 and reunited from 2009 to 2011. Ingar Amlien formed the death metal band Crest of Darkness, who have released six studio albums as of 2018, and remain active. Drummer Arve Heimdal retired from music in 1999, making a one-off return for the bands 2005 reunion.

CONCEPTION reunited in 2005, playing the important American prog metal festival ProgPower USA on September 16 and Norwegian Scream Magazines 15 Years & 100 Issues Festival on October 1, bringing the final five-man line-up together again.

Return to music

In April 2018, rumours began circulating that the band were planning a comeback, after reports of rehearsals in Gjøvik, followed by fan photos of the band together. Just a few days earlier, lead singer Roy Khan had posted a new track to his personal YouTube channel, his first known recording since 2010. This track, however, had no connection to CONCEPTION.

A few weeks later, the band officially confirmed their reunion via their official Facebook site, and announced the recording of a brand new EP titled “My Dark Symphony” which was released on November 23, 2018. The reunion included the classic four-piece line-up, with Heimdal and Khan both coming out of retirement. Following the release of the EP, the band performed two reunion shows in Gjøvik, Norway in late April, before setting out to perform at three European festivals over the summer of 2019.

On February 20, 2020, the band announced their fifth studio album State of Deception, which was released on April 3, 2020. The first single off of the album, “Waywardly Broken” was released on March 6, 2020, along with an accompanied lyric video.

The band had originally announced on July 1, 2019, that they would be embarking upon their first European headline tour in twenty-three years in April on the same year the new album was released. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the band had postponed the tour into 2021. The band is set to perform an exclusive North American show at ProgPower USA XXI in September 2021.

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State of Deception / 2020

Conception - State of Deception
  • Album Info
  • 2020
  • Conception Sound Factory

1. in: Deception
2. Of Raven and Pigs
3. Waywardly Broken
4. No Rewind
5. The Mansion
6. By the Blues
7. Anybody out There
8. She Dragoon
9. Feather Moves

“State of Deception” is the fifth full-length album by the Norwegian power metal/progressive metal band CONCEPTION. It is the band’s first album in two decades with new material and was released on April 3, 2020.


Elize Ryd – guest vocals on “The Mansion”
Lars Andre Kvistum – keyboards, piano on “Waywardly Broken” and “The Mansion”
Lars Christian Narum – organ, mellotron on “Of Raven and Pigs”, “By the Blues”, “Anybody Out There” and “She Dragoon”
Aurora Amalie Heimdal – guest vocals on “She Dragoon”, backing vocals on tracks 3, 6 and 7

Flow / 1997

Conception - Flow
  • Album Info
  • 1997
  • Noise Records

1. Gethsemane
2. Angel (Come Walk With Me)
3. A Virtual Lovestory
4. Flow
5. Cry
6. Reach Out
7. Tell Me When I’m Gone
8. Hold On
9. Cardinal Sin
10. Would It Be The Same

“Flow” is the fourth full-length album by the Norwegian power metal/progressive metal band CONCEPTION, released on April 1, 1997 by Noise Records.

In Your Multitude / 1995

Conception - In Your Multitude
  • Album Info
  • 1995
  • Noise Records

1. Under A Mourning Star
2. Missionary Man
3. Retrospect
4. Guilt
5. Sanctuary
6. A Million Gods
7. Some Wounds
8. Carnal Comprehension
9. Solar Serpent
10. In Your Multitude

“In Your Multitude” is the third full-length album by the Norwegian progressive metal/power metal band CONCEPTION, released in 1995.

Parallel Minds / 1993

Conception - Parallel Minds
  • Album Info
  • 1993
  • Noise Records

1. Water Confines
2. Roll The Fire
3. And I Close My Eyes
4. Silent Crying
5. Parallel Minds
6. Silver Shine
7. My Decision
8. The Promiser
9. Wolf’s Lair
10. Soliloquy

“Parallel Minds” is the second full-length album by the Norwegian power metal/progressive metal band CONCEPTION, released in 1993.

The Last Sunset / 1991

Conception - The Last Sunset
  • Album Info
  • 1991
  • CSF Records / Noise Records

1. Prevision
2. Building A Force
3. War Of Hate
4. Bowed Down With Sorrow
5. Fairy’s Dance
6. Another World
7. Elegy
8. The Last Sunset
9. Live To Survive
10. Among The Gods

“The Last Sunset” is the first full-length album released by the power metal/progressive metal band CONCEPTION. It was originally recorded in 1991 under the band’s own record label CSF Records. In 1994, it was released again under their new record label Noise Records with new cover art.

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