STYLE: ORIGIN: SwedenFORMED: 1990LABEL: Agonia Records
  • Henrik Andersson-Vocals
  • Jörgen Kristensen-Guitars
  • Martin Schulman-Bass
  • Florian Rehn-Drums

The band was formed around September/October.

A rehearsal tape was recorded in March. In July the band entered Sunlight studios and recorded the “End Of Life” demo tape which then led to a deal with Swedish Underground Records. A new second vocalist and drummer joined. Gigs around Sweden.

The “Subconscious Lobotomy” CD was recorded at Sunlight studios during July and released in October. Great reviews in the press and the band made some gigs in both Sweden and Finland.

The second vocalist left the band early that year and from that date Centinex continued with only one frontman. A three track promo tape, “Under The Blackened Sky“, was recorded in March which Wild Rags Records released as a cassette EP. A second guitarist came into the band but was kicked out two months later because of personal problems. Gigs in Sweden, Finland and Poland.

A new second guitarist joined. In June, Centinex entered Unisound studios to record the “Transcend The Dark Chaos” cassette EP. The band released the tape themselves but it was also licensed to Poland’s Sphinx Records. Gigs in both Sweden and Finland.

The drummer left Centinex and the band continued with a drum machine. Three new tracks were recorded at Abyss studios. Those, together with the “Transcend The Dark Chaos” tracks + one track from the “Under The Blackened Sky” tape, became the content of the “Malleus Maleficarum” CD. No gigs during the whole year.

Malleus Maleficarum” came in April through Wild Rags Records. One of the tracks was also released on a split 7″ EP with Inverted. Centinex signed a deal with Danish Emanzipation/Diehard and the Abyss studio was booked for October. Gigs in Sweden and Germany.

The “Reflections” CD was released in March, later in the year the album was also licensed to Slovakian Rock Extremum Records for a tape version. A deal with Spanish Repulse Records was signed and the band entered Sunlight studios to record a new full length album. Gigs in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

A line-up change took place right after the recording was finished, a new vocalist and second guitarist joined. The “Reborn Through Flames” CD came out in June and later it was also available on tape through Polish Novum Vox Mortis Records. Norwegian Oskorei Productions unleashed the “Shadowland” 7″ EP, a limited two track vinyl. Gigs in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Holland.

The “Bloodhunt” MCD was recorded at Black Lounge studios. It came out in June through Repulse and around the same time Oskorei released it as a limited 10″ picture vinyl with one bonus track. In July, a human drummer was taken into the line-up again. “Subconscious Lobotomy” and “Malleus Maleficarum” were re-mixed and edited for a re-release but legal problems with Underground Records forced Repulse to cancel the whole release. The “Apocalyptic Armageddon” 7″ EP was recorded during October at Black Lounge. Centinex did two European tours during the year with gigs in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The “Apocalyptic Armageddon” 7″ EP came in February through German Deadly Art. The “Hellbrigade” album was recorded at Black Lounge during June and released in September by Repulse. Soundholic released a Japanese version which included the “Apocalyptic Armageddon” 7″ EP tracks as bonus. The vinyl version was licensed to Italian Nocturnal Music, to be released in early 2001. The band appeared on several Swedish summer festivals and toured in Finland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Austria and Czech Republic.

The “Hellbrigade” vinyl was released in January. In April, Centinex signed a new worldwide deal with English Candlelight Records and the first album for them, titled “Diabolical Desolation“, was recorded at Black Lounge studios during July and August. One of the guitarists left the band after the album was recorded. Licensed versions of “Hellbrigade” came out on three different continents, in North America (WW III Music), South America (Picoroco Records) and Russia (Irond Records). Centinex did their first ever show on US-soil as well as summer-festivals in Sweden and Germany.

A new guitarist joined the horde. “Diabolical Desolation” was released in Europe on March 11th and in the U.S on April 30th. The vinyl version was unleashed in December. To support the album, Centinex did selected shows around Sweden as well as two festival appearances; one in Poland and one in Czech Republic. During November, the band toured, together with Deicide, throughout England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Italy.

The long-awaited “Hail Germania” split 7″EP + pic 10″ MLP was released during the spring. The first six months of the year were spent writing and rehearsing for the new full-length, titled “Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos“. The album was recorded at Black Lounge studios during July and August for an early 2004 release. After the recordings, the drummer decided to leave the band, a new one joined a few months later. In June and July Candlelight re-released “Malleus Maleficarum“, “Bloodhunt + Reborn Through Flames” and “Hellbrigade“, all with exclusive bonus material. The band did some summer festivals in Sweden, Austria and Czech Republic.

Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos” was released in Europe and USA in March. Both the Japanese version and the LP-version came in July through two different licensing deals. A limited live 7″EP saw the day of darkness in October. In November, Centinex signed a new worldwide deal with Cold Records/Regain Records. The band did quite a lot shows especially in Sweden, but also a shorter tour in Finland and festival gigs in England and Italy.

The band started to write material for “World Declension” in December 2004/January 2005 and spent March and April at Black Lounge studios recording the album. The disc hit Europe in June and the US in September. Limited vinyl- and tape versions are expected to be released early 2006. In the early summer, Centinex recorded a video clip for the track “Synthetic Sin Zero” taken from the above mentioned album. During the year, the band played one off shows and festivals, mostly in Sweden, but also in England, Germany and Finland. The European tour scheduled for October was postponed to January 2006.

The band did shows in Germany and Holland during January, followed by a 5-date tour through Spain in February and in March, Centinex played at the legendary Metalmania Festival in Poland. This became also the band’s last show as in early April, Centinex had reached the end of the line and decided to split up. All the members continued their musical paths in several other bands.

2006 – 2014
Many of the albums are re-released on CD, LP and MC through several different labels. The spirit lives on…

On January 24th, founding member Martin Schulman announces that he has reformed the band with a new line-up after a nearly 8-year long hiatus. During the spring, Centinex records a new full-length album and announces festival appearances for the fall. In August, the band signs a worldwide record deal with Agonia Records who will release “Redeeming Filth” – the anticipated comeback album – on November 21 in Europe and December 9 in North America.

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Death in Pieces / 2020

Centinex-Death in Pieces
  • Album Info
  • 2020
  • Agonia Records

1. Only Death Remains
2. Derelict Souls
3. God Ends Here
4. Tomb of the Dead
5. Human Torch
6. Pieces
7. Cauterized
8. Beyond the Dark
9. Sacrifice
10. Skin Turning Grey

Death in Pieces is the eleventh full-length album by Swedish death metal band Centinex, released in 2020 on Agonia Records.

Doomsday Rituals / 2016

  • Album Info
  • 2016
  • Agonia Records
  1. Flesh Passion
  2. From Intact To Broken
  3. Dismemberment Supreme
  4. Generation Of Flies
  5. The Shameful Few
  6. Doomsday
  7. Exist To Feed
  8. Death Decay Murder
  9. Sentenced To Suffer
  10. Faceless

Redeeming Filth / 2014

  • Album Info
  • 2014
  • Agonia Records
  1. When Bodies Are Deformed
  2. Moist Purple Skin
  3. Death Glance
  4. Stone Of Choice
  5. Unrestrained
  6. Bloodraze
  7. Without Motives
  8. Rotting Below
  9. Dead, Buried And Forgotten
  10. Eye Sockets Empty

World Declension / 2005

  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • Regain Records
  1. Victorious Dawn Rising
  2. Purgatorial Overdrive
  3. The Destroyer
  4. As Legions Come
  5. Sworn
  6. Synthetic Sin Zero
  7. Flesh Is Fragile
  8. Wretched Cut
  9. Deconstruction Macabre

Decadence - Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos / 2004

  • Album Info
  • 2004
  • Candlelight Records
  1. Arrival Of The Spectrum Obscure Misanthropic Darkzone
  2. Misanthropic Darkzone
  3. Hollowsphere
  4. Target: Dimension XII
  5. Deathstar Unmaasked
  6. A Dynasty Of Obediance
  7. Mechanical Future
  8. Cold Deep Supremacy
  9. New World Odyssey


Decadence – Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos is the sixth studio album by Swedish death metal band Centinex. It was released on February 13, 2004, by Candlelight Records.

Diabolical Desolation / 2002

  • Album Info
  • 2002
  • Candlelight Records
  1. Demonic Warlust
  2. Forthcoming Terror
  3. Spawned To Destroy
  4. Soul Crusher
  5. Diabolical Desolation
  6. On Violent Soil
  7. Total Misanthropia
  8. The Bloodline
  9. A War Symphony
  10. Hellfire Twilight

Hellbrigade / 2000

  • Album Info
  • 2000
  • Repulse Records
  1. Towards Devastation
  2. One With Eternity
  3. The Eyes Of The Dead
  4. Emperor Of Death
  5. Last Redemption
  6. Bloodconqueror
  7. Neverending Hell
  8. Nightbreeder
  9. Hellbrigade

Apocalyptic Armageddon / 2000

  • Album Info
  • 2000
  1. Apocalyptic Armageddon
  2. Seeds of Evil
  3. Everlasting Bloodshed

Reborn Through Flames / 1998

  • Album Info
  • 1998
  • Repulse Records
  1. Embraced By Moonlight
  2. Resurrected
  3. Summon The Golden Twilight
  4. The Beauty Of Malice
  5. Under The Guillotine
  6. Through Celestial Gates
  7. Molested
  8. In The Arch Of Serenity
  9. Shadowland
  10. Eternal Lies

Reflections / 1997

  • Album Info
  • 1997
  • Diehard Music Worldwide
  1. Carnal Lust
  2. Seven Prophecies
  3. Before The Dawn
  4. The Dimension Beyond
  5. My Demon Within
  6. In Pain
  7. Undivined
  8. Darkside
  9. Into The Funeral Domain

Subconscious Lobotomy / 1992

  • Album Info
  • 1992
  • Underground Records
  1. Blood On My Skin
  2. Shadow Are Astray
  3. Dreams Of Death
  4. Orgy In Flesh
  5. End Of Life
  6. Bells Of Misery
  7. Inhuman Dissections Of Souls
  8. The Aspiration
  9. Until Death Tear Us Apart

Subconscious Lobotomy is the debut album of Swedish death metal band Centinex. The album was received with generally positive reviews. The original cd version was only pressed to 1000 copies worldwide.

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