STYLE: ORIGIN: NorwayFORMED: 1991LABEL: Byelobog Productions
  • Varg Vikernes – vocals, lyrics, rhythm and lead guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, synthesizer (1991–present)

Burzum is a Norwegian music project founded by Varg Vikernes in 1991. Although Burzum never played live performances, it became a part of the early Norwegian black metal scene and is considered to be one of the most influential acts in black metal. The word “burzum” means “darkness” in the Black Speech, a fictional language crafted by Lord of the Rings writer J. R. R. Tolkien.

Vikernes began making music as a teenager in 1988, but it was not until 1991 that he recorded his first demos as Burzum. From 1994 to 2009, Vikernes was incarcerated for the murder of Mayhem guitarist Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth and the arson of three churches. While imprisoned, he recorded two dark ambient albums using only synthesizers, as he did not have access to drums, guitar or bass. Since his release from prison in 2009, he has recorded several more albums. Although Vikernes is known for his political views, he does not use Burzum to promote those views, and his lyrics are non-political.

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The Ways of Yore / 2014

Burzum - The Ways of Yore
  • Album Info
  • 2014
  • Byelobog Productions

1. God from the Machine
2. The Portal
3. Heill Óðinn
4. The Lady in the Lake
5. The Coming of Ettins
6. The Reckoning of Man
7. Heil Freyja
8. The Ways of Yore
9. Ek Fellr
10. Hall of the Fallen
11. Autumn Leaves
12. Emptiness
13. To Hel and Back Again

The Ways of Yore is the eleventh studio album by Norwegian musical project Burzum, released on 2 June 2014 by sole member Varg Vikernes’ label Byelobog Productions. The album retains the ambient and medieval music sound Vikernes started with Burzum‘s previous album, Sôl austan, Mâni vestan, albeit introducing vocals.

The album’s cover was taken from “Merlin and Vivien“, an engraving by famous French artist Gustave Doré for Alfred Tennyson’s poem Idylls of the King.

Sôl austan, Mâni vestan / 2013

Burzum - Sol austan Mani vestan
  • Album Info
  • 2013
  • Byelobog Productions

1. Sôl austan
2. Rûnar munt þû finna
3. Sôlarrâs
4. Haugaeldr
5. Feðrahellir
6. Sôlarguði
7. Ganga at sôlu
8. Hîð
9. Heljarmyrkr
10. Mâni vestan
11. Sôlbjörg

Sôl austan, Mâni vestan (Old Norse for East of the Sun, West of the Moon) is the tenth studio album by the Norwegian act Burzum. It was announced in February 2013 and released through Byelobog Productions on 27 May 2013.

It is Burzum’s third instrumental electronic album, after Dauði Baldrs (1997) and Hliðskjálf (1999), which were both recorded while Vikernes was in prison. The rest of Burzum’s albums have been mostly black metal. Vikernes has likened Sôl austan, Mâni vestan to the music of Tangerine Dream and the previous electronic releases by Burzum. The album also will be further exploring the Pagan spiritual concepts, which were cited as influences for the genre change.

The songs from the album are the soundtrack to the film “ForeBears“, which was produced and directed by Vikernes and his wife.

Like many of Burzum’s albums, this one also has a famous painting as its cover art: The Rape of Proserpina by Spanish painter Ulpiano Checa.

Umskiptar / 2012

Burzum - Umskiptar
  • Album Info
  • 2012
  • Byelobog Productions

1. Blóðstokkinn
2. Jóln
3. Alfadanz
4. Hit helga Tré
5. Æra
6. Heiðr
7. Valgaldr
8. Galgviðr
9. Surtr Sunnan
10. Gullaldr
11. Níðhöggr

Umskiptar (Old Norse for Metamorphosis) is the ninth studio album by the Norwegian one-man band Burzum, released on 21 May 2012 through Byelobog Productions. It has been described by Varg Vikernes as a “return to the roots”, with a priority on atmosphere. The album’s lyrics are taken from an Old Norse poem entitled Völuspá. The album was leaked two months before its release date, due, according to Vikernes, to a former PR agent of his having “sent promotional copies of the entire album to left wing extremist magazines” without his knowledge or consent.

The cover art is taken from the painting Nótt by Norwegian painter Peter Nicolai Arbo. It is Vikernes’ final heavy metal album.

Fallen / 2011

Burzum - Fallen
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • Byelobog Productions

1. Fra verdenstreet
2. Jeg faller
3. Valen
4. Vanvidd
5. Enhver til sitt
6. Budstikken
7. Til Hel og tilbake igjen

Fallen is the eighth studio album by the Norwegian artist Burzum, released on 7 March 2011.

The cover art is taken from the painting Elegy (1899) by French painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

Belus / 2010

Burzum - Belus
  • Album Info
  • 2010
  • Byelobog

1. Leukes renkespill (Introduksjon)
2. Belus’ doed”
3. Glemselens elv
4. Kaimadalthas nedstigning
5. Sverddans
6. Keliohesten
7. Morgenroede
8. Belus’ tilbakekomst (Konklusjon)

Belus is the seventh full-length album by the Norwegian one-man band Burzum. The first studio album to be recorded after a near 11-year hiatus, it was released on 8 March 2010 through Byelobog Productions.

Hliðskjálf / 1999

Burzum - Hlidskjalf
  • Album Info
  • 1999
  • Misanthropy

1. Tuistos Herz
2. Der Tod Wuotans
3. Ansuzgardaraiwô
4. Die Liebe Nerþus’
5. Frijôs einsames Trauern
6. Einfühlungsvermögen
7. Frijôs goldene Tränen
8. Der weinende Hadnur

Hliðskjálf is the sixth album by Norwegian solo artist Burzum. This album was the second to be recorded by Varg Vikernes while he was imprisoned for murder and arson and also Burzum‘s second ambient album. Dauði Baldrs and Hliðskjálf were created with synthesized instruments as he was not allowed any other instruments while being imprisoned. For this album Vikernes was allowed to have the keyboard and recording device for only one week. The first pressing of its vinyl format release was pressed on a shiny burnished color reminiscent of gold, instead of the standard black color vinyl record.

Dauði Baldrs / 1997

Burzum - Daudi Baldrs
  • Album Info
  • 1997
  • Misanthropy

1. Dauði Baldrs
2. Hermoðr á Helferð
3. Bálferð Baldrs
4. Í heimr Heljar
5. Illa tiðandi
6. Móti Ragnarǫkum

Dauði Baldrs (English: “Baldr’s Death” or “The Death of Baldr“) is the fifth album by the Norwegian solo act Burzum. Unlike Burzum’s previous work, which was mostly black metal, this is a dark ambient album. It was recorded using a synthesizer and a normal tape recorder by Varg Vikernes while he was in prison, as he was not allowed to have any other instruments or recording equipment. It was completed in a few months due to his limited access to synthesizers, which was also the case with the following album, Hliðskjálf.

Filosofem / 1996

Burzum - Filosofem
  • Album Info
  • 1996
  • Misanthropy, Cymophane

1. Burzum
2. Jesu død
3. Beholding the Daughters of the Firmament
4. Decrepitude I
5. Rundtgåing av den transcendentale egenhetens støtte
6. Decrepitude II

Filosofem (Norwegian for “philosopheme“) is the fourth studio album by Norwegian black metal solo project Burzum. It was recorded in March 1993 and was the last recording before Varg Vikernes‘ imprisonment (16 May 1994); the album was not released until January 1996, however. A music video was made for the song “Dunkelheit“, which received airtime on both MTV and VH1.

The album is noted for its experimental sound when compared to most other second wave black metal. Vikernes considered the release an “anti-trend album”.

Hvis lyset tar oss / 1994

Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
  • Album Info
  • 1994
  • Misanthropy, Cymophane

1. Det som en gang var
2. Hvis lyset tar oss
3. Inn i slottet fra droemmen
4. Tomhet

Hvis lyset tar oss (Norwegian for “If the Light Takes Us“) is the third studio album by Norwegian black metal solo project Burzum. It was recorded in September 1992, but was not released until April 1994, whereupon it was released through Misanthropy Records and Vikernes’ own record label, Cymophane Productions. The album is considered a classic in the black metal scene.

Det som engang var / 1993

Burzum - Det Som Engang Var
  • Album Info
  • 1993
  • Cymophane

1. Den onde kysten
2. Key to the Gate
3. En ring til aa herske
4. Lost Wisdom
5. Han som reiste
6. Naar himmelen klarner
7. Snu mikrokosmos tegn
8. Svarte troner

Det som engang var (Norwegian for “what once was“) is the second studio album by the Norwegian black metal solo project Burzum. It was recorded in April 1992 and released in August 1993 through Burzum‘s own label, Cymophane.

Burzum / 1992

Burzum - Burzum
  • Album Info
  • 1992
  • Deathlike Silence

1. Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown
2. Ea, Lord of the Depths (some editions mislabel the title as “Ea, Lord of the Deeps”)
3. Black Spell of Destruction (some editions mislabel the title as “Spell of Destruction”)
4. Channelling the Power of Souls into a New God
5. War
6. The Crying Orc
7. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
8. My Journey to the Stars
9. Dungeons of Darkness

Burzum is the first studio album by Norwegian black metal solo project Burzum. It was released in March 1992, through Deathlike Silence Productions.

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