Beyond Twilight

STYLE: ORIGIN: DenmarkFORMED: 1992LABEL: Massacre Records
  • Finn Zierler − keyboards
  • Björn Jansson − lead vocals
  • Anders Ericson Kragh − lead guitar
  • Jacob Hansen − rhythm guitar
  • Anders Devillian Lindgren − bass
  • Tomas Fredén − drums, percussion

Beyond Twilight is a progressive metal band from Denmark. The band was originally formed by Finn Zierler in 1992 under the name “Twilight“. Twilight attracted international attention releasing the debut album Eye For An Eye selling 25.000 copies. Twilight released 2 albums “Eye For An Eye”, “The Edge” and 1 single “Sail Away”. In 1999 Finn Zierler decided pursue his own visions and founded Beyond Twilight carrying the almost identical logo and the symbol which is found on all Zierler’s releases. Musically the style changed to dark progressive metal with symphonic elements and harmonic vocals.

Beyond Twilight have released three studio albums to date and one music video: The Devil’s Hall of Fame on July 23, 2001, Section X on March 29, 2005 and For the Love of Art and the Making on April 21, 2006 under German label, Massacre Records.

In 2012, Finn Zierler re-surfaced with a new outfit, named Zierler Projects, later shorted to Zierler. The line-up was announced to include former Beyond Twilight vocalist Kelly Sundown Carpenter (Firewind, Darkology, Outworld), guitarist Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, Kaipa), drummer Bobby Jarzombek (Fates WarningHalfordSpastic Ink), and bassist/vocalist Truls Haugen (Circus Maximus, Insense). Although initially anticipated as a 2013 release, the band’s debut album ESC did not surface until the fall of 2015.

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For the Love of Art and the Making / 2006

Beyond Twilight - For the Love of Art and the Making
  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • Massacre Records

1. In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement)
2. Creep Evil
3. Sleeping Beauty – The Journey
4. Purity
5. Sleeping Beauty – Connected
6. Tongue Angel
7. I Moved
8. Blackened In My Eyes
9. Temptations
10. Fiery Woman
11. Sweet Irony
12. Conversation Of The Dead
13. The Perfect Heart
14. The Perfect Heart Part II – Think
15. The Key – Imagine
16. The Perfect Heart Part III (Modulated Instrumental)
17. The Black Widow
18. The Key Part II – Naked Truth
19. The Kiss Of The Wind
20. Dark Wild Rage
21. Temptations – Return (Modulated)
22. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
23. Cold As Blue
24. The Awakening
25. Cold As Blue – Like A Candle You Start To Drip
26. Bilingues Cavendi – One Should Beware Of The Double Tongued
27. The Awakening Part II – The Smile
28. The Awakening Part III – Opening The Curtains To A Beautiful Sunny Morning Watching The Singing Birds
29. In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movenment Modulated With Irony)
30. Past The Magic
31. Past The Magic Part II (Rhythmic Laughter)
32. Night Wandering Of Needles
33. In The Eyes Of My Soul (Second Movement Modulated With Irony)
34. In The Eyes Of My Soul (Second Movement)
35. Seconds Past 6
36. Organ Scientific Formula (1)
37. Night Wandering Of Needles Part II – The Answer
38. Black Roses – Ship Of Rowing Slaves
39. Autumn Fog Message
40. Sleeping Beauty Returns – The Black Box Of Reverse (Forward)
41. The Black Box Of Reverse
42. In The Eyes Of My Soul (Third Movement)
43. In The Eyes Of My Soul – For The Love Of Art And The Making (Finale)


For the Love of Art and the Making is an album by Danish progressive metal band Beyond Twilight. It was released in 2006.

The album is one song split into 43 parts. According to Finn Zierler, there are another three hidden tracks that complete the album’s concept. To date, said tracks have not been identified. Furthermore, the order of the track list on the album is not the actual one. Since the album is divided into 43 parts, the listener is able to arrange the parts in any order he regards as logical.

Section X / 2005

Beyond Twilight - Section X
  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • Massacre Records

1. Be Careful It’s My Head Too
2. The Path Of Darkness
3. Shadow Self
4. Sleeping Beauty
5. The Dark Side
6. Portrait F In Dark Waters
7. Ecstasy Arise
8. Section X


Section X is a 2005 concept album by Danish Progressive metal band Beyond Twilight. It was released in 2005.

Additional musicians:

Truls Haugen (from Circus Maximus) – choirs, additional vocals on track 04
Michael Eriksen (from Circus Maximus) – choirs, additional vocals on track 05
Lene Roesen – female choirs

The Devil's Hall of Fame / 2001

Beyond Twilight - The Devil's Hall of Fame
  • Album Info
  • 2001
  • Massacre Records

1. Hellfire
2. Godless Wicked
3. Shadowland
4. The Devil’s Waltz
5.  Crying
6. The Devil’s Hall Of Fame
7. Closing The Circle
8. Perfect Dark


The Devil’s Hall of Fame is the first studio album by Danish progressive metal band Beyond Twilight. Released July 23, 2001.

The album has many of the band’s characteristic elements such as complex arrangements and dramatic dark multi-layers and was written mostly by the band’s mastermind, Finn Zierler. The album showcases the elements which would become characteristic of Beyond Twilight’s unique sound, namely a very atmospheric, heavy progressive sound.

On release, the album was met with good reviews from fans and critics. It’s their only album featuring Norwegian singer Jørn Lande.

Lurking Fantasia / 1999

Beyond Twilight - Lurking Fantasia
  • Album Info
  • 1999
  • not on label

1. Rage
2. Lurking Fantasia
3. Jewels In The Dark
4. Eyes
5. The Carousel Of Life
6. Requiem


Lurking Fantasia is a demo album by the Danish band Beyond Twilight. It was released in 1999.

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