Backyard Babies

STYLE: , ORIGIN: SwedenFORMED: 1989LABEL: Sony Music, Gain
  • Nicke Borg - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Dregen - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Johan Blomqvist - bass guitar
  • Peder Carlsson - drums, percussion

Backyard Babies are a rock band from Nässjö, Sweden. The band was formed in 1989 and over the years they have released seven studio albums and won two Swedish Grammy Awards. The band is now located in Stockholm, Sweden.

They are largely attributed with popularizing sleaze rock in Scandinavia and Sweden. Their single “Minus Celsius” appears as a playable bonus track in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and “Degenerated” is available as a downloadable song for Guitar Hero World Tour.

Formed in 1987, Backyard Babies originally consisted of singer/bassist Tobbe (Tobias Fischer), guitarist Dregen, guitarist Johan Blomqvist, and drummer Peder Carlsson. They were then called Tyrant and played several live shows in their local area and recorded a rough demo. Tobbe was soon replaced by frontman Nicke Borg on vocals and guitar, and Blomqvist switched to bass. Fischer went on to be a professional photographer and web designer in Stockholm, continuing to work occasionally with his old band mates .

Im 1989, the band changed their name to Backyard Babies and recorded two more demos and did a national tour of Sweden. The band self-released a debut EP titled Something to Swallow. This got them signed in 1993 by Swedish label Megarock Records.

Backyard Babies released their debut album Diesel & Power in 1994. The music on it took influences from rock, punk and blues. In addition to the album the band also released the single “Electric Suzy” with a cover of “Taxi Driver” by Hanoi Rocks as the B-side. After touring with former Hanoi Rocks members in Demolition 23 and doing a short headline tour in late 1995, premiering new songs that remain unreleased, the band was put on hiatus, as guitarist Dregen formed the garage rock band The Hellacopters. Dregen appeared on two albums with the Hellacopters” Supershitty to the Max! (1996) and Payin’ the Dues (1997).

The Backyard Babies reunited in 1997, with a new record contract with MVG Records. They recorded their most-critically acclaimed album, Total 13. Critics compared the album favorably to the New York Dolls, Ramones and The Damned. They toured the United Kingdom with good response. A single was released from the album, “Bombed (Out Of My Mind)”, with the B-side “Rocker” featuring a duet with Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe. Their next single was the self-released “Is It Still Alright To Smile?”. The B-side of the single was a cover of the Faster Pussycat track “Babylon” featuring guest appearances from Ginger of the Wildhearts and Nicke Andersson who had played with Dregen in the Hellacopters. In 1998 the band toured the United Kingdom once more, this time in support of Alice Cooper.

After the collaboration on the song “Babylon,” Dregen, Ginger, and Nicke Andersson formed the side project Supershit 666, which released a six-track EP in 1999. Dregen returned to the Backyard Babies soon after as the band took off for another tour of the United Kingdom, this time in support of AC/DC.

The Babies recorded a follow-up to Total 13, titled Making Enemies is Good which has been described by some critics as a more “controlled chaos” approach than their previous effort. Two of the singles from it were hits “The Clash” and “Brand New Hate”, the latter of which was co-written with Ginger. They toured in support of the album with Motörhead.

On 15 October 2002, Backyard Babies guitarist Dregen was on the front pages of Swedish national newspapers. After returning home from a club where he was DJing, he and his friend were assaulted, robbed, and knocked unconscious. Dregen suffered a broken jaw but the band continued recording their next album; Stockholm Syndrome. The album, released in 2003, was viewed by some fans as a return towards a more energetic and raw sound. The album won them a Swedish Grammy. The album spawned three singles, “Minus Celsius”, “A Song For The Outcast,” and “Friends.”

During 2005, the band toured the United States (with openers The Chelsea Smiles & Crash Kelly) and Europe alongside Social Distortion. The album People Like People Like People Like Us, produced by Nicke Andersson of The Hellacopters, was released in 2006. It spawned two singles: “The Mess Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)” and “Dysfunctional Professional”. A self titled album was released August 13, 2008. The first single was “Fuck Off and Die”. The second single “Degenerated” is supported by an animated video clip. The compilation album Them XX was released in 2009 to honor the band’s 20th anniversary. The accompanying tour was rumored to be their last.

On 7 May 2014, it was announced, that the Band will work on new music in the following summer. They have also announced that their 2015 tour will kick off at Sweden Rock Festival 3 – 6 June in Sölvesborg, Sweden.

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Silver And Gold / 2019

  • Album Info
  • 2019
  • Century Media

Four by Four / 2015

Backyard Babies - Four by Four
  • Album Info
  • 2015
  • Sony Music, Gain

1. Th1rt3en Or Nothing
2. I’m On My Way To Save Your Rock ‘N’ Roll
3. White Light District
4. Bloody Tears
5. Piracy
6. Never Finish Anythi
7. Mirrors (Shall Be Broken)
8. Wasted Years
9. Walls


Four by Four is the seventh album of the Swedish band Backyard Babies. It was released in 2015.

Backyard Babies / 2008

Backyard Babies - Backyard Babies
  • Album Info
  • 2008
  • BMG Sweden AB

1. Fuck Off and Die
2. Degenerated
3. Come Undone
4. Drool
5. Abandon
6. Voodoo Love Bow
7. Idiots
8. The Ship
9. Nomadic
10. Back on the Juice
11. Where Were You?
12. Zoe Is a Weirdo
13. Saved by the Bell


Backyard Babies is the sixth studio album by the Swedish rock band Backyard Babies. The album was released on August 13, 2008, and debuted on the UK rock chart at number 29.

The album was recorded in the beginning of 2008 during 90 intensive days. It was produced by Swedish producer Jacob Hellner, who also worked with Rammstein and Apocalyptica.

The first single from the album was “Fuck Off and Die” and a video was made for the song. “Degenerated” was the second single by the band, and an animated music video was made for the song. “Nomadic” is the third single for the album.

People Like People Like People Like Us  / 2006

Backyard Babies - People Like People Like People Like Us 
  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • BMG Sweden AB

1. People Like People Like People Like Us
2. Cockblocker Blues
3. Dysfunctional Professional
4. We Go a Long Way Back
5. Roads
6. Blitzkrieg Loveshock
7. The Mess Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)
8. I Got Spades
9. Hold ’em Down
10. Heroes & Heroines
11. You Cannot Win
12. Things to Do Before We Die


People Like People Like People Like Us is the fifth studio album by the Swedish rock band Backyard Babies, released in 2006. It was produced by Nicke Andersson from The Hellacopters. Videos were made for the songs “The Mess Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)”, “Dysfunctional Professional” and “Roads”.

Stockholm Syndrome / 2003

Backyard Babies - Stockholm Syndrome
  • Album Info
  • 2003
  • BMG Sweden AB

1. Everybody Ready?!
2. Earn the Crown
3. A Song for the Outcast
4. Minus Celsius
5. Pigs for Swine
6. One Sound
7. Say When
8. Year by Year
9. Friends
10. Be Myself and I
11. You Tell Me You Love Me You Lie
12. Big Bad Wolf (bonus track)
13. Shut the Fuck Up (bonus track)


Stockholm Syndrome is an album by Backyard Babies, released in 2003.

The song “Friends” features an all-star line-up of special guests, including;

Joey Ramone (Ramones)
Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks)
Danko Jones
Tyla (Dogs D’Amour)
Nina Persson (The Cardigans)
Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul)
Andy Shernoff (The Dictators)
Top Ten (The Dictators)
Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks)
Karmen Guy (Mad Juana)
Euroboy (Turbonegro)
Happy Tom (Turbonegro)
Corey Shields (Danko Jones)
Damon Richardson (Danko Jones)
Janis Tanaka (L7)
Donita Sparks (L7)
Suzy Gardner (L7)
Jennifer Finch (L7)
Sarah Reitkopp (Halfcocked)
Anne Kadrovich-Johnson (Tuscaurora)
Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves)
Amir Chamdin (Infinite Mass)
Rodde Pencheff (Infinite Mass)
Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters)
Björne Fröberg (The Nomads)

Making Enemies Is Good / 2001

Backyard Babies - Making Enemies Is Good
  • Album Info
  • 2001
  • RCA / BMG

1. I Love to Roll
2. Payback
3. Brand New Hate
4. Colours
5. Star War
6. The Clash
7. My Demonic Side
8. The Kids Are Right
9. Ex-Files
10. Heaven 2.9
11. Too Tough to Make Some Friends
12. Painkiller
13. Bigger W/A Trigger


Making Enemies Is Good is an album by Backyard Babies, released in 2001.

A number of tracks were co-written by Ginger of The Wildhearts. The album contains big hits such as “The Clash” and “Brand New Hate”.

The album was produced by the famous producer Thomas Skogsberg. Skogsberg also plays a keyboard solo in the song “Colours”.

Total 13 / 1998

Backyard Babies - Total 13
  • Album Info
  • 1998
  • MVG Records
1. Made Me Madman
2. U.F.O. Romeo
3. Highlights
4. Get Dead
5. Look at You
6. Let’s Go to Hell
7. Spotlight the Sun
8. 8-Balled
9. Ghetto You
10. Subculture Hero
11. Bombed (Out of My Mind)
12. Hey, I’m Sorry
13. Robber of Life
14. Backstabber (International Vinyl bonus track)
15. Powderhead (Japanese CD bonus track)
16. Can’t Find the Door (Japanese CD bonus track)
17. Wireless Mind  (Japanese CD bonus track)
18. Rocker (featuring Michael Monroe) (Japanese CD bonus track)



Total 13 is the second album by the Swedish Punk Rock band Backyard Babies. It was released in 1998 and produced by Thomas Skogsberg.

Diesel & Power / 1994

Backyard Babies - Diesel & Power
  • Album Info
  • 1994
  • Megarock

1. Smell the Magic
2. Bad to the Bone
3. Strange Kind of Attitude
4. Diesel and Power
5. Love
5. Wild Dog
6. Fly Like a Little…
7. Electric Suzy
8. Kickin’ Up Dust
9. Should I Be Damned
10. Fill Up This Bad Machine
11. Heaven in Hell
12. Shame
13. Lies (2006 reissue bonus track)


Diesel & Power is punk rock/hard rock band Backyard Babies‘ first studio album. It was released in 1994. In 2006, it was re-released on their own label Billion Dollar Babies with the bonus track “Lies.”

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