Anubis Gate

STYLE: , ORIGIN: DenmarkFORMED: 2003LABEL: Locomotive Music, Nightmare Records
  • Henrik Fevre - bass, lead vocals
  • Kim Olesen - guitar, keyboards
  • Michael Bodin - guitar
  • Morten Gade Sørensen - drums

Anubis Gate is a progressive metal band from Denmark. Despite having formed Anubis Gate only in 2003, the members have regularly worked together since 1984. They have released six studio albums, two singles/EP’s and the most recent: “Orbits” – a 6 CD legacy compilation box set from 2016.

The band released their first album in 2004, but their history can be traced back to 1984, with bassist Jesper M. Jensen and Henrik Fevre as guitarist and vocalist forming V-AXE. The group changed its name to Graff Spee, and the line-up was completed with drummer Per M. Jensen (ex-Invocator/ex-The Haunted). Gaining some reputation in the local circles, Graff Spee released a few demos, but eventually split up in 1986 “due to creative differences”.

Jesper and Per went on to form heavy metal band Extreme Feedback in 1987, recruiting Morten Sørensen as vocalist and Kim Olesen as guitarist. In 1989 both Jesper and Per moved to Esbjerg to join Jacob Hansen‘s Invocator, releasing a couple of demos and also a full-length album “Excursion Demise” in 1991, before Jesper split and moved back to Aalborg. In the early 90’s Jesper joined Sørensen (now on drums) in rap-metal act Geronimo, and released an EP in 1995 before the group was disbanded. These two musicians kept in contact however, and began to write new material together in a melodic power metal style.

After releasing an instrumental demo under the name of Seven Powers one more band member was recruited; Torben Askholm (previously in Prophets Of Doom and Northern Empire) joined as vocalist and the recording of a demo which eventually became the backbone of their debut album began. Thus “Purification” was produced during 2003 and released April 26, 2004. The album aroused a great deal of interest and delight with the press and the audience, and soon both Kim Olesen and Henrik Fevre (who had guested on the debut as both writers and musicians) were made permanent members to solidify the line-up for the next album. “A Perfect Forever” was released on September 19, 2005.[2] Few months before the band’s first gig at Prog Power Europe Askholm quit the band, and Fevre took over vocal duties for a couple of gigs. Eventually Jacob Hansen, the old friend from Invocator and also producer of the first two albums was chosen as the new singer, and the third album “Andromeda Unchained” came out August 14, 2007. The album saw the band changing from the early power metal to include more prog metal elements. It was nominated for best production, best album and best artwork at Danish Metal Awards 2008 and won the latter.

The year 2008 saw Anubis Gate writing their most ambitious work, the concept album “The Detached” upon a synopsis by Martin Rauff. It was released March 30, 2009 and also nominated for three Danish Metal Awards (Best Album, Best Cover Artwork and Best Production) at the show of 2010. It won for Best Production – made by Kim Olesen & Jacob Hansen. It also marked the end of Anubis Gate’s obligations with label Locomotive Music.

Fifth Album and Jacob Hansen’s Departure
Several other companies showed interest as the band in 2010 embarked on writing material for their fifth album, which was scheduled for release in the fall of 2011. In fact most of the songs were already finished when Jacob Hansen announced his surprising departure from the band. Luckily Anubis Gate had a replacement within the band; bassplayer Henrik Fevre, who did backing vocals and the occasional lead on recent albums. Demos of the new material, produced by Kim Olesen secured the band a record deal in March 2011 with Minnesota-based Nightmare Records. Anubis Gate, the self-titled album was released September 13, 2011 and for the first time in the band’s history it was accompanied by a single and a video for “Golden Days”.

Anubis Gate concerts have always been rare. But 2012 saw the band returning to Prog Power Europe, this time as co-headliners. It also marked the departure of founding member Jesper M. Jensen, who was replaced by Michael Bodin (Third Eye). A few months later the other founding member, drummer Morten Sørensen also left the band. He is now replaced by Morten Gade Sørensen (PyramazeWuthering Heights).

The first sounds of the new 4-piece were revealed on October 31, 2013 when the 22-minute download EP “Sheep” was given to the public for free. In addition to the new track, “Destined to Remember”, there were two covers: The Pink Floyd classic “Sheep” and Mr. Misters “Broken Wings”. April 15, 2014 saw the release of the eagerly anticipated and very well received sixth album “Horizons“. It also marked the band’s 10 years anniversary as a recording artist.

Anubis Gate was engaged to perform their first USA gig on September 11, 2015 at the Prog power festival in Atlanta, but had to cancel due to health problems within the band.

In September 2016, the band released a limited box set called “Orbits“, containing the long out of print first 4 albums + a double rarities bonus disc. This box set was funded via fans on Kickstarter in April 2016.

Their seventh album “Covered In Black” was released September 1, 2017, once again on Nightmare records.

As of February 2019, Anubis Gate has been in the works for their next album.

Musical Style
Musically, several groups like QueensrÿcheIron Maiden, Lord BaneTad MoroseIced EarthCrimson GloryFates WarningKing CrimsonGenesis and Savatage were once credited by the record label Locomotive as influential sources of inspiration for Anubis Gate.

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Covered in Colours / 2020

Anubis Gate-Covered in Colours
  • Album Info
  • 2020
  • Nightmare Records

1. Still Life in Mobile Homes (Japan cover)
2. Red (King Crimson cover)
3. Plantage (Under Byen cover)
4. Experiment (Voivod cover)
5. Chromazone (Mike Stern cover)
6. Glamour Profession (Steely Dan cover)
7. Entangled (Genesis cover)
8. Atlas (Coldplay cover)
9. To France (Mike Oldfield cover)
10. Fade to Grey (Visage cover)
11. S.A.T.O. (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
12. Aggressive Perfector (Slayer cover)
13. Back in Black (AC/DC cover)
14. Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles cover)

Covered in Colours is the eighth full-length album by Danish progressive/power metal band Anubis Gate, released on April 24, 2020 on Nightmare Records.

Covered In Black / 2017

Anubis Gate - Covered In Black
  • Album Info
  • 2017
  • Nightmare Records

1. Psychotopia
2. The New Delhi Assassination
3. The Combat
4. Too Much Time
5. A Journey To Nowhere
6. Black
7. Blacker
8. Blackest
9. Operation Cairo
10. From Afar


Covered In Black is the seventh album by the Danish metal band Anubis Gate. It was released in 2017.

Horizons / 2014

Anubis Gate - Horizons
  • Album Info
  • 2014
  • Nightmare Records

1. Destined To Remember
2. Never Like This (A Dream)
3. Hear My Call!
4. Airways
5. Revolution Come Undone
6. Breach Of Faith
7. Mindlessness
8. Horizons
9. A Dream Within A Dream
10. Erasure


Horizons is the sixth album of the Danish metal band Anubis Gate. It was released in 2014 by Nightmare Records.

Anubis Gate / 2011

Anubis Gate - Anubis Gate
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • Nightmare Records

1. Hold Back Tomorrow
2. The Re-Formation Show
3. Facing Dawn
4. World In A Dome
5. Desiderio Omnibus
6. Oh My Precious Life
7. Golden Days
8. Telltale Eyes
9. River
10. Circumstanced


Anubis Gate is the fifth album by the Danish metal band Anubis Gate. It was released in 2011 by Nightmare Records.

The Detached / 2009

Anubis Gate - The Detached
  • Album Info
  • 2009
  • Locomotive Music

1. On The Detached
2. Find A Way (Or Make One)
3. Yiri
4. Lost In Myself
5. Dodecahedron
6. Pyramids
7. Out Of Time
8. Bloodoath
9. Ammonia Snow
10. Options – Going Nowhere
11. A Lifetime To Share
12. The End


The Detached is the fourth album by the Danish metal band Anubis Gate. It was released in 2009.

Andromeda Unchained / 2007

Anubis Gate - Andromeda Unchained
  • Album Info
  • 2007
  • Locomotive Music

1. Freak Storm At Post Zeta…One Child Missing…
2. Snowbound
3. Waking Hour
4. Andromeda Unchained
5. Banished From Sector Q
6. Beyond Redemption
7. Resurrection Time
8. Escape Pod
9. This White Storm Through My Mind
10. The Final Overture
11. Take Me Home
12. Point Of No Concern
13. The End Of Millennium Road
14. The Stars Of Canis Minor
15. The Final Overture (Edit)


Andromeda Unchained is the third album by the Danish metal band Anubis Gate. It was released in 2007.

A Perfect Forever / 2005

Anubis Gate - A Perfect Forever
  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • Locomotive Music

1. Sanctified
2. Kingdom Come
3. Future Without Past
4. Curfew
5. Children Of The Pauper King
6. Approaching The Inner Circle
7. The Wanton Blades Of Lust
8. Epitome Of Delusion
9. Endless Grief
10. A Perfect Forever


A Perfect Forever is the second album of the Danish metal band Anubis Gate. It was released in 2005 by Locomotive Music.

Purification / 2004

Anubis Gate - Purification
  • Album Info
  • 2004
  • Locomotive Music

1. Hall Of Two Truths
2. Downward Spiral
3. Purification
4. Hypernosis
5. In The Comfort Of Darkness
6. Before Anubis
7. I, Demon
8. The Shadow
9. Discrowned
10. Kingdom Of Duat


Purification is the debut album of the Danish band Anubis Gate. It was released in 2004 by Locomotive Music.

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