ORIGIN: FinlandFORMED: 1996LABEL: Concorde Music Company
    • Sammy Salminen - vocals
    • Juha "Juice" Wahlsten - guitars, voice
    • Toni Laroma - guitars
    • Jarkko A. Ahonen - bass
    • Tom Rask - drums

AncarA was founded by Sammy Salminen, together with Timo Kytölä, Mika Rajala and Timo Rajala in 1996 after a year break from their previous line up. Four friends that shared the same vision to have fun playing whatever came up to their heads and always trying to deliver something original, no matter what genre of music it was, as long as it sounded good to their ears at the moment.

1997 they recorded full size album that never saw the daylight and after trying to get signed by anyone they got kind of bored by just playing to themselves and by themselves, so they went and did other projects and AncarA was left to live in life support for awhile.

After few years in 2001 band started to breath again, when Sammy handed his guitar to his very good friend Juha Wahlsten, the man who knew just what to do with the instrument and also had a great singin voice. Things started to step up in the band, but slowly.

T. Kytölä decided to quit playing in 2003 after asking Samuel Hjelt to take his place in the line up, and after that it took 3 years to first publish AncarA album The Dawn 2006 and it took only 1 year from that to publish Beyond The Dark 2007, good times!

The Band struggled with their third album Chasing Shadows in 2009 as Sammy had lots of problems with his voice (it was later to be diagnosed as vocal cord nodule and it was removed by surgery in 2010) and S. Hjelt quit the band after drums were already recorded for the CS album. Sammy and Juha made a choice not to use songs that involved Mr. Hjelt, so they stayed up 3 days’n’nights at the studio to rewrite and record songs to already played drums. When they finally started to mix the record, Tuomas Keskinen joined the group and made the final touch to the album with his guitar and nailed it to its final. “Compere to that, we have to be quite proud about that album, even at times it was “not that good”, but to write songs in the studio to the rhythm of drums that were recorded to other songs.. crazy, stupid or genius? Your right, but we decided to push ourselves, in a hurry and so we did it” said Sammy.

2011 Sammy had his voice back and the band decided to step it up again. Long story short: T. Keskinen suggested after many demo sessions that we need to get to Los Angeles to make the best AncarA album yet and he had a plan to hire a guite expensive producer. So we did, and it went really good, album came out really good, only problem was how to get people to know and hear about it. So came out the plan, to play a highest rock concert in a world, in Mount Everest Nepal. Documentary group followed and it all was just “too far out” from just to play in a band that brothers M. & T. Rajala decided to step out from the ring. Two phone calls were made and the spaces were filled by Toni Hintikka, bass and Rale Tiiainen, drums. The trip was made, concert was played and the documentary was filmed, it is called “Projekti Rockin’ High” We had lots of fun, but this all took so much time and effort that AncarA “forgot” to make actual music and publish the record they made a few years before… T. Keskinen had to go, Toni Laroma took the shoes, and so, finally in 2017 AncarA released “Garden Of Chains” the album they started to make in 2012.

After release of Garden Of Chains T. Hintikka gave baton to Jarkko Ahonen (bass) and the band had to hang R. Tiiainen‘s mustache to the wall. To fill up the glass, Tom Rask came in with the drums, and for now in 2018, it is all good, they are making music again! It’s been awhile but they are just getting started and finding a new phase for AncarA as A Band!

So stick around, push that “Like” button, take a time to listen to some AncarA‘s Music and spread the word! This is not the last you’ll hear from AncarA!


Finnish hard rock band ANCARA has released a cover single from Nine Inch Nails -classic “Hurt”. As a second track the band refreshes their first […]

September 20, 2018 by Kris Murias
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